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Athletic Director Job Description

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Job Description

• Reports directly to the President and is responsible for the general organization, administration, actions and functions of the ULM Athletics program;

• Adheres to the rules and regulations stipulated by the athletic regulating bodies; NCAA, University of Louisiana System Board of Supervisors, ULM, and the Sun Belt Conference;

Responsible for employing, supervising, and developing the athletic, administrative, and coaching staffs;

Responsible for educating and informing the Department of Athletics department staff of university policies and procedures Responsible for establishing the mission, goals, plans, and direction for the Department of Athletics;

Accountable for all athletic revenue and expenses and manages fiscal issues of the Department of Athletics including budget preparation, distribution, and control;

Responsible for insuring that all athletic facilities are properly secured, maintained, and supervised at all times Serves as the Executive Director of the ULM Athletic Foundation;

Responsible for coordination and all fundraising in collaboration, with ULM Interim Director for Foundation & Alumni Relations  Responsible for marketing the athletic program;

Responsible for developing programs to ensure the welfare of student-athletes (e.g., service enhancement programs; academic counseling, satisfactory progress, and graduation rates, drug testing, strength training, general student-athlete welfare);

Responsible for developing event management policies and procedures and supervision and development of all intercollegiate sports schedules;

Responsible for demonstrating sensitivity and commitment to equity issues of gender, ethnicity, and sport;

• Cooperates with the Assistant Athletic Director of Compliance to ensure staff and contingency groups understand and abide by NCAA and Sun Belt Conference rules and regulations.