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2014 Travel Season

Alumni Chapter Events

Check this calendar (upcoming events) for the 2014 schedule and photos from events already hosted! 
March 15th: Alumni Night @ ULM vs. ULL Baseball Game
April 6th: Dallas Chapter Event; ULM vs. UTA Baseball Game
April 11th-12th: Super Warhawk Weekend; La’ Louisianne Crawfish Boil
April 17th: Jackson Alumni Dinner/Social; Sombra Mexican Restaurant
April 24th: 9th Annual Wine Over Water
May 2nd: Caddo/Bossier Golf Tournament
May 5th: Northern Exposure @ The Lyceum (Baton Rouge)
May 16th: Baton Rouge Golf Tournament
June 14th: Washington DC; LCC Crawfish Boil


2014 ULM Football Schedule

Thurs, August 28th: ULM vs. Wake Forest ; Monroe, LA
Sat, September 13th: ULM vs. LSU ; Baton Rouge, LA
Sat, October 11th: ULM vs. Kentucky ; Lexington, KY
 Sat, November 1st: ULM vs. Texas A&M ; College Station, TX

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