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ULM proposes two new and innovative academic programs

Two new academic programs at the University of Louisiana at Monroe gained initial approval from the UL System Board of Supervisors in Baton Rouge.

The BOS approved two letters of intent: one for the online Bachelor of Science in Instructional Design, the only program of its kind in Louisiana, and one for the Bachelor of Arts degree program in physics.

The Bachelor of Science in Instructional Design is designed for multi-media developers, instructional technologists, instructional designers and trainers interested in learning the latest multimedia and web-based development tools for computer and web-based instruction. Candidates will produce multimedia online content that improves teaching and learning. Graduates will assist faculty in designing and preparing web-based materials for distance education programs.

The Bachelor of Arts degree program in physics will complement existing science degree options. The degree will prepare students for advanced study in physics, professional medical fields and engineering. Collaborative +2 degrees will be pursued with universities offering degrees in engineering, bio-medical engineering, or medical physics. ULM previously offered a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics, but it was terminated in 2001 as a cost-saving measure for the university. Currently, no public universities in Louisiana offer a Bachelor of Arts in Physics; only two Louisiana private universities (Centenary and Xavier) offer the degree.

Dr. Jeffrey CassCollege Arts & Sciences Dr. Jeff Cass said, "The BA in Physics will provide another major opportunity for students interested in the sciences, including those who might enter research fields and health professions, in which physics plays an extremely vital role. Those who finally receive graduate degrees in medical physics, for example, can make upwards of $165,000 per year. The BA in Physics will be an important part of the program inventory in the College of Arts and Sciences."

Additional new programs:

On March 28, the BOS approved ULM's letter of intent for a Master of Science in Nursing Administration, an online degree, and a letter of intent for a Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Sonography.

On April 25, the BOS approved ULM's letter of intent for the program The Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing (M.F.A.), a proposed online graduate program, the first of its kind in Louisiana.

ULM will continue to work with the BOS and the Board of Regents in developing these degrees.

Senators recommend $400,000 for ULM's mobile dental unit

The University of Louisiana at Monroe might be $400,000 closer to providing a mobile dental unit to the economically depressed communities in northeast Louisiana.

The Senate Appropriations Committee passed a Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies Appropriations Bill, which included $400,000 toward ULM's proposed mobile dental unit. The money will be secured once the full Senate passes the bill.

This bus, which would be staffed by a dentist, dental assistant, dental hygienists and ULM dental hygienist students, would benefit those patients who lack the financial resources and transportation to obtain proper dental care.

Dr. Denny RymanCollege of Health Sciences Dean Dr. Denny Ryman thanked U.S. Sen. Mary Landrieu, U.S. Sen. David Vitter, the Senate, and Monroe Chamber of Commerce President Sue Nicholson for their support of the project. "All of us at ULM sincerely appreciate our supporters who are helping us improve healthcare in our community."

Ryman said that Louisiana's oral health, specifically in children, is in a "state of crisis." A low percentage of Medicaid children receive dental services, he said.

"I am excited by the potential to reach the many underserved areas in our region, where access to dental care is restricted. Going directly to those areas where services are needed the most is the only way many segments of our population will get the care and treatment they need. Proper oral health is viewed by most in the medical community as the absolute foundation for maintaining good overall health," he said.

The total cost of the actual unit is approximately $750,000, and the annual operating cost is $150,000.

ULM College of Pharmacy secures Project CHANCE grant

With its latest grant, the ULM College of Pharmacy continues to improve the health care given to Louisiana’s citizens.

ULM’s Dr. Brice A. Labruzzo, Dr. Ann Wicker, and Dalia Abdelhalim (a pharmacy student from Alexandria), recently received a grant for the COP to provide pharmacy services in Monroe, Baton Rouge, and Shreveport, ultimately helping patients to better coordinate the care that they receive from various health care professionals.

Abdelhalim is proud of this latest stride for the COP and the training it will convey. “We will provide both prescription and non-prescription medication education to patients in order to improve adherence, outcomes, and patient satisfaction while minimizing adverse effects and drug interactions."

The $2,000 grant, titled “Impact of a Pharmacy Student Polypharmacy/Medication Adherence Program on Louisiana Citizens,” is part of Project Chapters Helping Advocate for Needy Communities Everywhere, or Project CHANCE. Project CHANCE is sponsored by the American Pharmacists Association Academy of Student Pharmacists in collaboration with the Pharmacy Services Support Center of the Health Resources and Services Administration.

This project is a collaborative effort between the ULM College of Pharmacy, the LSUHSC-Shreveport Family Medicine and Comprehensive Care Clinics, the LSUHSC-EA Conway Clinic and the Baton Rouge General Family Health Center.

Abdelhalim submitted the award with the help of Wicker and Labruzzo. The project will be carried out with the help of several other COP faculty, including Drs. Jeffery and Emily Evans, Marty Steffenson, Wicker, and Labruzzo.

ULM's APhA-ASP chapter will receive the stipend for this project, which promotes delivery of comprehensive pharmacy services within a 340B-eligible entity. The services provided through this program will include a medication history/adherence assessment and counseling on proper medication use. Also included will be the identification of reasons for non-adherence, as well as the development of individualized medication compliance plans for each patient.

Pharmacy students and their faculty mentors will work with a physician in the clinic. Before either sees the patient, the pharmacy student, under the supervision of their faculty mentor, will perform a medication history/adherence assessment. Identification of reasons for non-compliance will be evaluated by assessment of practical barriers (e.g., complex regimens, cost, knowledge deficit, motivation, etc.). The pharmacy student and faculty mentor will also evaluate the patient’s medication use for drug duplication, untreated indications, drug without indication, improper drug selection, subtherapeutic dosing, overdosage, failure to receive drug, adverse drug reactions, and drug-drug interactions. The practitioner will be made aware of any problems noted.

SSRL publishes findings on Indigent Defense in Northeast Louisiana

Dr. Kevin UnterThe Social Science Research Laboratory, located at the University of Louisiana at Monroe, completed its investigative project “Indigent Defense in Northeast Louisiana: A Study of the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th Judicial Districts.”

The study, published in cooperation with the Chief Public Defenders of the Judicial Districts of the State of Louisiana, presents a snapshot of Public Defender operations in each of the four Judicial Districts. The report includes recommendations for delivering the most effective operating efficiencies within current resource constraints, and it frames the debate for increased support. Students in ULM’s Criminal Justice Department first conducted the study in December 2004; the SSRL’s recent study is a continuation of that report.

The Principal Investigator is Dr. Kevin A. Unter, ULM Assistant Professor of Political Science. Attorney Robert S. Noel, II, a contract public defender with the Fourth Judicial District, provided additional guidance. ULM students Jessica Decelle, Shawn Gorden, Sean Lenz, Loren McNeil, and Angela Williams assisted in the data collection, analysis, and publication of the report.

The report is revealing, and it will significantly impact the legal community, Unter said. “This study represents a partnership between the ULM Social Science Research Lab and a major segment of the Louisiana legal community that provides high-quality, professional, and most importantly, independent research that will aid decision makers both locally and state-wide in their pursuit of their organization’s stated objectives,” he said. “Additionally, this study demonstrated the capacity and utility of the SSRL to other local, regional and state-wide government agencies who can benefit from such partnerships.”

Noel praised the efforts of ULM faculty and staff. “The ULM SSRL program has provided a report that will be useful in the ongoing reform of Public Defense in Northeast Louisiana. The report underscores the need for more funding to raise the level of professionalism, so that cases may move rapidly through the justice system with the right results.”

For more information, call the SSRL at (318) 342-3135, or visit the Web site at www.ulm.edu/ssrl.

ULM wins prestigious media awards

The University of Louisiana at Monroe has gathered an impressive array of media-related awards thus far in 2008.

At the Council for the Advancement and Support of Education (CASE) District IV conference in Little Rock, Ark., ULM garnered three awards. ULM competed against numerous other universities, including Dillard University, Sam Houston State University, the University of Oklahoma, and Louisiana State University.

Ace's AdventuresIn the “Institutional Identity Programs” category, ULM won a pewter award for “Ace’s Adventures at the University of Louisiana at Monroe. Ace Explores Campus.” The 20-page activity book was distributed—at no cost—to private and public elementary schools in 15 northeastern Louisiana parishes last year.

The book contains age-appropriate activities aligned with state standards and is supported by a Web site that includes lesson plans for teachers and innovative online activities for students. The series is produced by the ULM’s Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Child Development Center, College of Education and Human Development, the College of Arts and Sciences, the Office of Student Life and Leadership, the Office of University Relations and Graphic Services.

Wine Over Water

The university scored a bronze in the “Alumni Program, Project or Special Event” category for Wine Over Water, a spring celebration that began three years ago. The annual event, sponsored by the ULM Alumni Association and the Ouachita Parish Alumni Chapter, benefits university scholarships.

Le Pharmacien Louisianais

The College of Pharmacy magazine, produced by ULM’s College of Pharmacy, “Le Pharmacien Louisianais” took home a bronze in the “Magazines – 1 to 3 colors (excluding cover)” category.

The Admissions Marketing Report announced the winners of the 23rd Annual Admissions Advertising Awards:

The ULM MagazineThe ULM Magazine, produced by ULM University Relations and Zehno Cross Media Communications, won a GOLD award in the “Publication External Schools w/ 5,000 - 9,999 Students” category.

Lindsey Wilkerson, director of Web Services at ULM, praised everyone involved with the university’s magazine. ”We’re proud the ULM Magazine won a GOLD award. The ULM Magazine showcases excellence across a broad spectrum of this university – from students, academics, research, faculty, and alumni. They are the real ‘gold.’”

ULM Web Feature
The ULM Admissions Web Feature, produced by ULM Recruitment and Admissions and Zehno Cross Media Communications, won a bronze in the “New Media School w/ 5,000 - 9,999 Students” category.

Awards and certificates were given to those entrants whose programs and materials displayed “exceptional quality, creativity and message effectiveness,” according to the Admissions Marketing Report Web site.

Also, in a separate competition:

Visix, Inc. chose ULM as the winner of its 2008 Expression Award for “Best Published AxisTV Policies,” granting the honor “for exceptional work in visual communications planning, creation and execution.”

AxisTV is a closed-circuit, on-campus communication system which uses flat-screen plasma monitors to broadcast important information to ULM students, faculty, and staff. Displays are located at various points around campus. AxisTv is managed by ULM's Office of University Relations.

ULM football announces inaugural Women's Football Clinic

The ULM football program will host its inaugural Women's Football Clinic on Tuesday, July 22, in the Skybox at Malone Stadium. The clinic, which will feature presentations by Warhawk head coach Charlie Weatherbie and his staff, will give women in the community an opportunity to learn more about the game.

The evening will begin with a light hors d'oeuvres social, followed by a rules overview, equipment demonstration and an inside look at the game. The night will conclude with Coach Weatherbie leading the clinic participants through a one-of-a-kind game day experience.

Door prizes will be handed out throughout the evening which begins at 6:00 p.m. and will last until approximately 8:30 p.m. Cost of the clinic is only $10.

To register please contact Peter Martin at (318) 342-5369 or pemartin@ulm.edu.

The Warhawks open the 2008 season at Auburn on August 30.

ULM Starbucks featured in national newsletter

StarbucksStarbucks, located at the University of Louisiana at Monroe, has been brimming with customers day and night since its opening on Sept. 27, 2006. The Starbucks national office has taken notice.

ULM's Starbucks was recently featured in the company's national newsletter, "The Green Apron Book: Conversations & Connections."

A satisfied customer submitted a review of the store, and the company featured the review in their June newsletter.

The customer's review stated, “I can say that the baristas are the reason why I return to this store daily. They are sincere, so friendly and offer great service! I have been to Starbucks all over the world, and this one is the best.”

Starbucks is located on Northeast Drive.

Late PREP session to occur at ULM July 24

The University of Louisiana at Monroe's Preview, Registration and Enrollment Program (PREP) will offer a session Thursday, July 24.

PREP is an orientation program designed to help new students make a smooth transition to college life. All incoming freshmen are required to attend one of the PREP sessions, during which they select fall classes, scope out the campus, and meet fellow classmates. The participants also meet with faculty and administrators, take necessary placement exams, change majors if needed, and make course selections. The students will leave PREP with a completed schedule of classes for the fall semester. There is a nonrefundable registration fee of $50 for PREP. The fee covers orientation materials and meals while in the program.

Parents of incoming freshmen are invited to participate in the Parent Orientation Program (POP), all of which coincides with the PREP program. The fee for POP is $15 per person.

Placement testing, CLEP testing, and Foreign Language Placement testing will be offered during PREP. To register to take a test, please contact the Testing Center prior to PREP at 318-342-5336. For more information please visit the web site at: www.ulm.edu/testingcenter.

For more information and to register online for PREP or POP, please visit www.ulm.edu/prep.

Individuals may also contact the PREP Hotline at (318) 342-7315 or (800) 372-5127 or by email at PREP@ulm.edu.

Stadium Drive renamed to Warhawk Way

As another show of support for ULM's Warhawk mascot, students, faculty, alumni, and the community of Monroe worked together to rename Stadium Drive to Warhawk Way.

Stadium Drive is owned by the city of Monroe. In a unanimous vote of 5-0 on June 24, the city council agreed to rename the street 'Warhawk Way.' ULM Athletic Director Bobby Staub thanked all involved, saying, "We appreciate the mayor, city council, and Stadium Drive residents for supporting this initiative.

"With the overwhelming excitement over our new mascot, we continually look for opportunities to promote the Warhawk brand. At many institutions, streets that transverse athletic facilities have athletic references. It was suggested that renaming Stadium Drive to Warhawk Way would be a great opportunity to further market our mascot."

Students are excited about the name change. ULM's quarterback Kinsmon Lancaster of Shreveport said, "This university has really shown its love for the Warhawks, and, as an athlete, changing the name of the street to Warhawk Way makes playing football for ULM that much more fun."

ULM Summer Recreation Program offers kids a wide variety of fun thru Aug. 8

Kids ages 5 – 12 who want to have a good time enjoying games, sports, art, fitness activities, swimming, and excursions to Tinsel Town and Skatetown this summer have a place to go, courtesy of the ULM Activity Center.

The Summer Recreation Program runs for 10 weeks, from June 2 – Aug. 8, Monday through Friday, from 7:15 a.m. – 5:45 p.m. Structured activities are from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Participants may sign up for one week or all ten.

Costs for each child are: a $50 registration fee and $80 per week fee. Payments are taken bi-weekly or monthly. Campers must bring their own lunch and snacks.

Please call the ULM Activity Center at (318) 342-5305 for more information.

ULM added to Drum Corps International Summer Music Games Tour; locally scheduled for July 21

The University of Louisiana at Monroe Band Department recently announced the inclusion of ULM to the Drum Corps International Summer Music Games Tour, scheduled locally for July 21 at 7 p.m. in Malone Stadium.

The show has been given the name “The Battle on the Bayou” and will feature seven corps - three of which are from the top 12 at the 2007 World Championships in Pasadena, Calif. Some of the participating corps are the Phantom Regiment, Carolina Crown, and Spirit.

Through the annual Summer Music Games Tour and more than 35 World Championships in 16 North American cities, Drum Corps International provides entertainment to millions through live performances and nationally-televised events, now presented on ESPN2. Drum Corps International is Marching Music’s Major LeagueTM.

For tickets, visit www.dci.org/ or call (317) 275-1212, ext. 3.

Several levels of corporate and individual sponsorships are available for “The Battle on the Bayou.” For sponsorship information contact the ULM Band office at (318) 342-1580 or (318) 342-1594. You can also email Jason Rinehart at rinehart@ulm.edu or Derle Long at long@ulm.edu.

Alumni Center to again host Quarterback Luncheons

The always popular weekly Quarterback Luncheons will resume on Wedensday, August 27 at the ULM Alumni Center. ULM head football coach Charlie Weatherbie, as well as other football players and coaches, will be on hand each week to talk about the upcoming ULM football game.

Remember, you don't have to be a former quarterback nor do you have to join a club to attend. As a matter of fact, you're in the Quarterback Club just by coming to lunch with us each week!

The buffet lunches start at noon at the Anna Gray Noe Alumni Center, located on the banks of beautiful Bayou DeSiard just off Warhawk Way - formerly Stadium Drive.

For more information, contact the ULM Alumni Association at (318) 342-5421.

Local businesses offer discounts to ULM staff and students

Local businesess have extended discounts on goods and services to ULM students, faculty and staff. A complete listing of participating businesses can be found at www.ulm.edu/perks.

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