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Research Hub Mini-Grant Program


The Research Hub Mini-Grant Program offers support for faculty research activities. Its primary purpose is to provide seed money to attract extramural funding or to assist faculty members with taking initial steps toward research projects. Proposals are evaluated and grants are awarded by the Research Hub Committee.

Application Cycles

Applications will be considered twice per year.

Spring Application Deadline: November 1st (For grant period January through August)
Fall Application Deadline: April 1st (For grant period May through December)


Must be a full-time faculty member wishing to begin or continue a research project. Funds can be used for almost any aspect of that research project, but cannot be used to supplement salaries. Allowable expenses include (but are not limited to) purchase of equipment or software, printing, postage, data searches, or data collection. Any items purchased with these funds (e.g. a laptop) will remain property of ULM.

Available Funds

Proposals will be divided into two tiers: Tier One, proposals up to $500; Tier Two, proposals up to $1,000.

How to Apply

Applications should be submitted electronically to Caitlin McKeighan at mckeighan@ulm.edu.

Your application packet should include the Research Hub Mini-Grant Application explaining the project, methodology to be used, expected results, itemized budget, and the relationship of the proposal to your work as a faculty member. You should also attach a two-page curriculum vitae. In your application, please provide any other sources of funding for this research project, if any, including both internal and external funds (endowed professorship, grant, personal funds, past purchases or indicate that funds requested are sufficient to successfully complete this project).

Final Reporting Requirements

If your proposal is funded, you will be required to submit an Award Recipient Final Report summarizing the outcomes of your project. The report should include a complete budget detailing your use of the funds. Reports are due one month after the grant period ends:

Spring Grants: October 1st (For grants funded January through August)
Fall Grants: February 1st(For grants funded May through December)

Expenses must follow Louisiana’s Travel and Purchasing Policies. To learn more about this, please see the Controller’s Office Website. Proposals involving human subject research are subject to the requirements of the University Institutional Review Board.

Evaluation of Proposals

The Review Committee reserves the right to accept or deny applications based on availability of funds. The evaluation committee uses a Scoring Rubric to evaluate all proposals.

The following criteria will be considered by the committee when evaluating funding proposals. Evaluation of Tier Two proposals will be more stringent than Tier One proposals:

  • The application packet itself (refer to How to Apply above);
  • The scholarly merit of the proposal and its value to the faculty member, the college and the university;
  • Proposal quality: should be directed to the committee; provide clear description, define and clarify terminology not familiar to those outside of your field;
  • The feasibility of the proposal over the projected timeline. If a multi-stage project, indicate what part the grant plays within the timeline;
  • Overall budget, taking into consideration any other available sources of funding.