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Campus Antivirus Install Instructions

Below are instructions for installing the OfficeScan client from the
Web install page. You must have local administrator privileges to
successfully install the client. If you are not sure if your an admin,
click the 'Start' button, click 'Control Panel', click 'User Accounts'.
Here you should see the usernames on your machine. If you see
'Computer Administrator' under your username then you may
continue installation.

To install from the Web install page:

1. If the computer does not run Windows Vista, skip this step.

If installing to a computer running Windows Vista, perform
the following pre-installation tasks:

a. Log on to the computer using a built-in administrator account.

b. Open Internet Explorer and click "Tools > Internet Options >
Security". The Internet zone is selected by default.

c. Click "Custom level..."

d. Under "ActiveX controls and plug-ins", enable "Automatic
prompting for ActiveX controls".

Note: During installation, allow the installation of ActiveX
control to install the client successfully.

2. Open an Internet Explorer window and type the following:


3. Click "Antivirus - Click to install" button

4. In the new screen that displays, click "Install Now" to start
installing the OfficeScan client. The client installation starts.

The OfficeScan client icon (blue circle with wavy line) appears in the Windows system tray after