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(Originally announced on May 8 ,2012) 
ULM Students,
As you return to the ULM Campus during the Summer and Fall semesters this year, you will begin to experience a change in most of your ULM computer labs.  The University is making enhancements to set up as many computer labs as possible to have an authentication measure in place.  This will require Students to use your Warhawks account as desktop authentication for lab computers.  Essentially, before you can utilize a web-browser, document editor, etc, you will have to log in at the computer.  There are several administrative reasons for accomplishing this along with a few benefits for you as well.

1) This will help ensure that computers are available for your use in labs that you have paid for with STAP.
2) We will be able to track lab and workstation utilization for program enhancements, expansions/replacements, etc
3) You will be able to store documents such as Word, Excel, PDF, etc within your Warhawks account through the H: drive option.  (We'll provide more info about this feature in the near future and through the Computing Center FAQs)

***IMPORTANT PROCESS for successful Warhawk account use***

1) If you have had your Warhawks account more than about 6 months and you have not changed your password in that timeframe, you may need to first reset your Warhawks password.  You can do this at any time by logging into myULM (https://my.ulm.edu) and navigating to the "Campus Systems" tab.  There you will find the password reset tool.  Please check with a Lab Attendant if you still need assistance with changing your password.

2) Since the desktop will require you to LOG IN with your Warhawks account, this means you will also have to LOG OFF when you complete your work.  The "log off" feature will be prominent on the desktop for convenience.  If you leave the station unattended for more than 2 minutes, it will logout automatically.  PLEASE keep in mind that a proper log off is for your protection to avoid someone following behind you and tampering with your files, account access, etc.

Please review and acknowledge the brief security policy statement on the desktop before any login attempt.  The full policy can also be reviewed at http://www.ulm.edu/computingcenter/content/technology-acceptable-use-policy

You will begin to see this environment change beginning with the University Library Lab the week of May 14.  Other labs across campus will quickly follow throughout the summer in coordination with those respective academic departments.

Thanks for your cooperation in this matter as we continue to enhance technology provisions for your University needs and security precautions.

ULM Computing Center