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FlightPath is ULM's online advising and degree audit system. The name "Flightpath" represents the ULM Warhawk path to graduation.

It was developed by the ULM Computing Center's Web Programming group, with help from the Banner Programming group and support from the Student Success Center and the Office of Academic Affairs.

Students can log into FlightPath and see their degree plans online. The courses they have already completed, plus their earned grades and credits for those courses, appear within the degree checksheet. Students can see their degree plan broken down by year (Freshman year courses, Sophomore year courses, etc) or by type of course (Major requirements in one column, electives in another, etc). Students can see what they have left to take to graduate, as well as explore what options they have for electives.Students can also use the "What-If" feature to see how their current credits could apply to other degrees, should they decide to change majors. This is probably the most interesting feature that FlightPath has to offer.

Advisors can log into FlightPath, and then choose a student to advise electroncically. The courses a student has successfully completed appear with maroon check marks beside them, and courses they have left to take appear with blank check boxes beside them. To advise a student to take a course is simply to check that checkbox. Groups of courses have clickable icons where you can choose a course within the group. Advisors can also leave text comments discussing their advising sessions.The "What-If" feature is useful for advisors too; if a student's major hasn't yet changed, but a student still wants or needs to be advised in a major other than the one s/he is currently assigned, then the advisor can pull up that student in the "new" major through What-If and advise him or her that way.

To access the Flightpath system you will log into the myULM portal at https://my.ulm.edu