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Java Compatibility with BANNER

For a while, Java ran fine with BANNER. Then came Java version 1.6.19 which broke compatibility by employing an improved security model. These later versions break BANNER because of a security issue that occurs when BANNER creates pages mixing both secure and insecure content. The newer security model in use by Java, by default, prevents the display of insecure items and secure items together (i.e. the page cannot be secure if insecure items are also there). This means that BANNER mixed content pages are effectively disabled and a blank screen is shown.
The latest Java – 1.7 again breaks BANNER INB. Since BANNER INB is not rated for the current version of Java, the solution at this point is to remove the newer version of Java (and any other version of Java as well) and to reinstall a version that will function properly with BANNER in its current form.
The current workaround is detailed in a downloadable document detailing the required steps.