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Java Issues in BANNER

 BANNER INB currently cannot use JAVA Version 1.7.
The latest rated version that works with BANNER is version 1.6.32 which is available on the Computing Center website (http://www.ulm.edu/computingcenter/downloads). The Java runtime will prompt people to update their Java installation. If anyone does do the update to version 1.7, BANNER IBM will not function properly.
Java may also prompt someone to "Run this time" instead of updating. That option should be chosen. It will execute the Java code using the currently installed Java version without performing the update. 
If the update has already occurred, the fix is to remove the Java 1.7 version and make sure the 1.6 version is installed. Under Control Panel, choose Programs, find Java, and click Uninstall. Once completed, restart the system, download the correct version from the UCC Downloads website, and install it. BANNER should return to a functional state although the prompts to update may continue.
How to find which version you may have: Under "Control Panel," select "View by: large icons." Find the Java Control Panel. If there is no Java Control Panel, Java is probably not installed. Install Java after downloading it from the UCC Downloads page. Once the Java Control Panel appears, choose "General" and then "About." The version information should then appear in a dialog box.