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Offsite SSH/SFTP Closure

On Friday, August 9, the University Computing Center will be permanently disabling access to www.ulm.edu (Spock) from off-campus through SSH/SFTP client tools. SSH and SFTP protocols are used to remotely access computers or make file transfers. SSH/SFTP has traditionally been used for uploading file content to personal web folders or ULM departmental websites. This change does not apply to users that are on-campus in places such as an offices or labs.

Users should experience only minimal disruption since most departmental website management has been transitioning to OmniUpdate (http://www.ulm.edu/universityrelations/news/oct12/website.html) over the past year. OmniUpdate is a hosted utility used by the university to create and deploy websites. Access to Omniupdate requires no external SSH/SFTP services.

If you do still use SFTP from off-campus to upload content for personal web pages or similar, you can still accomplish that by first connecting to the campus network by using the SSL VPN (https://vpn.ulm.edu). The VPN or Virtual Private Network allows an individual on a home or other remote/external networks to connect to the ULM network and be treated as part of the ULM system. As far as SSH/SFTP connections are concerned, the VPN will make connections appear to be on campus. Once the VPN connection is established, any compatible SSH/SFTP program can be used for file manipulation.

This move is a precautionary measure to enhance security for our systems and reduce potential Internet abuse.