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ULM Wireless Network Changes - Feb. 15, 2012

ULM Students & Employees,

Please be advised that a minor change will be implemented on Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2012 for the ULM Wireless Network services.  The "ULM Guest" wireless profile currently allows seamless connection from WiFi activated mobile devices, laptops, etc.  Due to the overwhelming growth of WiFi capable mobile devices (Smartphones or PDAs), we have noticed a utilization spike with users/devices having immediate access to Internet resources by way of the "ULM Guest" wireless profile.  This has caused some users in densely populated classrooms to experience problems with ULM services such as Moodle.

The minor change will engage the "ULM Guest" user to access our wireless confirmation pages before that device can engage any Internet based activity.  This will essentially prevent mobile devices from automatically accessing the ULM Wireless Network which in many cases may not have even been intended by the user.

So, beginning on Wednesday morning (2-15-2012), all wireless users will have to launch their chosen web browser to access any ULM Wireless service which includes "ULM Student", "ULM Faculty", and "ULM Guest".  As already in place, the "ULM Student" and "ULM Faculty" profiles require the user to enter an appropriate ULM authentication for login.  The "ULM Guest" profile will only require the user to review a disclaimer and then press the "Connect" button to proceed.

Keep in mind that the "ULM Guest" profile only allows minimal access to Internet browsing (port 80 & 443).  During this change, we will also restrict wireless users from accessing Moodle.ulm.edu under the "ULM Guest" profile.  Moodle users must use either "ULM Student" or "ULM Faculty" to access that resource.

See the Computing Center's Wireless or FAQ references for more info.