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SSH FTP Client
Software for connecting to FTP server via SSH
Respondus Software
Tool for scanning and removal of Malware and viruses.
Kompozer (PC)
Open source program for authoring webpages.
Kompozer (MAC)
Open source program for authoring webpages.


Software Request Form
ULM Computing Center Software Request Form
Windows XP Upgrade Checklist
Please review and prepare this document if you are requesting for the Computing Center to upgrade your computer from WindowsXP to Windows7. This will help with the coordination of that effort.


Connecting to a mapped drive
Step by step directions for mounting your personal spock storage space as a drive letter in windows.
Eprint User Guide
User Guide
Audix telephone System
Audix telephone system info.
Banner Contact List
This is a list of telephone numbers to call for help with Banner.
Self-Service Instructions - Student - Academic Support Staff
Instructions for all Administrative Academic Support Staff for Banner Student Self-Service
Self-Service Instructions - Student - Staff
Banner Self-Service Instructions for Staff
Information for Faculty Advisors
Step-By-Step instructions for Faculty Advisors SSB
INB Budget Queries
Documentation for Banner INB Budget Queries
Slimming Email Worksheet
A worksheet with tips to reduce the size of emails.
SSB Budget Queries
SSB Budget Query Instructions
Moodle Course Policy
Moodle Course Management Policy and notice regarding the migration to Moodle2