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Someone sent me an email but I have not received it.

There are a few reasons that this can happen. If you are not receiving any email at all, contact the call center (ext. 3333).
If you are receiving email but only certain ones seem to not be coming in, check the following to pinpoint the problem.

  • The most common reason is the sender may have your email address mistyped or the entry in their address book is misspelled.
  • Sometimes the sender may have an attachment that is larger than the file size limit on the mail servers. If this happens then the mail will not come through.
  • Each email account has a maximum storage limit of one (1) Gigabyte. If you reach this limit then you will not receive any more email until you delete or move some messages from the server. You can check to see if you are close to the limit by logging into the web interface and checking the bar under your name in the upper left corner.
  • If the sender is sending from a free service that places advertisements at the bottoms of emails, such as Yahoo or MSN, then it may be setting off the spam filter which could quarantine or delete the message. This does not happen often, but can happen.