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What File Types Are Blocked On The Email System?

These are the file extensions corresponding to the file types being blocked/quarantined.
.bas   .bat   .bin   .chm   .cmd   .com   .dll   .drv   .exe   .inf   invoice.doc
.md?  .msi  .pif    .reg   .scr   .vb   .vbe   .vbs   .wsh   .ade   .adp   .avi
.cpl   .crt   .hlp   .hta   .ins   .isp   .js   .jse   .lnk   .midi   .mp3   .mpeg
.msc   .msp   .mst   .pcd   .quicktime   .sct   .shb   .shs   .url   .voc   .wav
.wsc   .wsf   .wsh   .zip

Note:  If you are expecting any email that you have not received with an attachment or not, you may check the SPAM Quarantine system which keeps questionable messages for your review for about 2 weeks.  Not all undeliverable messages are considered for quarantine.  The Quarantine box provides an extra level of protection against email that may have virus based content.
You may access your specific SPAM Quarantine area by logging into the myULM portal and finding the "SPAM Firewall" link under the Campus Systems tab.