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As an Employee, can I login to access lab computers?


In the past, all computer labs on the ULM campus were open and accessible to anyone who chose to use them. This meant anyone who sat down at a computer could access Internet content, run applications, or otherwise utilize University resources.  Since most lab computers at ULM were purchased using the Student Technology Access Program (STAP) fund, these were resources paid for by students but not necessarily being used by students.

To help ensure that these systems are available and in working order for student use, special access controls have been installed on lab systems.  These access controls have been successfully implemented in several of the labs over the 2012 Summer sessions.  Other computer labs will be enhanced as time and resources permit.

Several of the features resulting from this changeover include:

- Ensure that computers are available for student use in student-funded labs or to those directly assisting with student functions.

- Lab and workstation utilization can be tracked and assessed for program enhancements, expansions/replacements, etc.

- Logging into the lab computers will automatically connect the user to a personal file storage folder on Spock (departmental file shares are NOT connected).  This means any files stored in a personal Spock account are immediately available on a lab computer after logon.

Current students wishing to use lab systems must log-in using their myULM credentials (email username and password).  Once logged in, all computer resources are available including the metered print functionality.  Note that students who are denied access may need to update their myULM password to gain access.

Several labs on campus are used by faculty to assist with advising, presentation during PREP sessions to orient new students to ULM, and to provide individual assistance with class assignments and projects.  The need for faculty access to these systems was considered necessary.  Consequently, the access mechanism has been expanded to incorporate employee logons and subsequent lab usage.

For employees to gain access to these lab computers, it is mandatory that their current myULM/email password be changed.  Once the myULM password is updated, the lab control mechanism will recognize this new password and allow access. Changing the myULM password will change it for all ULM systems (except BANNER) and allow lab computers to be used.  The myULM password may be changed at any time by logging into myULM ( https://my.ulm.edu ) and navigating to the "Campus Systems" tab. The password reset tool can be found there. Please contact the Computing Center if you still need assistance with a password change.

When a lab computer is used, this access mechanism will require a correct logon and a proper logoff to protect files and prevent others from using personal resources.   The "Logout" button can be found in the upper left corner of all computer stations that require a login.  Do not leave your account active for another user to stumble upon.  Before making any logon attempt, please review and acknowledge the security policy statement found at http://www.ulm.edu/computingcenter/content/technology-acceptable-use-policy .

Faculty, please remind your students to "Logout" before leaving your lab/classroom.