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Frequently Asked Questions - mail

The new Zimbra 8 looks different. What is happening?

Zimbra 8 underwent an interface change which tends to streamline the interface and makes use of Zimbra easier and more intuitive. The menus are cleaner and contextual creating less clutter on the screen. Only relevant options appear on the screen so finding things is quicker and more obvious. Add to this, the interface has been branded for ULM to now include a color theme matching the ULM color scheme and other ULM websites.

My configuration looks different. Where are my settings?

Settings should be preserved from the earlier version of Zimbra to Version 8. What may have changed is if you log into webmail in "Standard" mode rather than "Advanced" mode. Standard mode has a reduced feature set and many of the functions cannot be found there. Changing back to Advanced mode may restore the settings to their previous configuration. The mode setting can be found on the login page in a drop down box labeled "Version".

My login mode keeps getting set to Standard. How can I get into Advanced mode

The Advanced mode can only be set if the screen resolution is set to at least 1024x768. Most modern systems are already set at least this high. Only older computers or screens that can only display low resolution graphics should be forced into Standard mode.

What do I need to do differently now?

If you are using the web-based system, simply log-on and enjoy the new look and feel. Anyone able to use the old Zimbra should be able to use this update with no noticeable problems. For those users having difficulty using Zimbra with Internet Explorer, the new version should allow the use of Zimbra without needing the Compatibility Mode. On the off-chance this is not the case, Compatibility Mode should still work for those users who have difficulty.

I am using Outlook with the Zimbra Connector. What about me?

Outlook connectivity is an add-on to Zimbra and is not a native part of Zimbra. As such, there is a "connector" that links Outlook to Zimbra. Each time there is a significant change to Zimbra or Outlook, a new connector may need to be installed to establish this connection. If a computer is using an outdated connector, email reception or delivery may simply stop in Outlook. There are other problems that could potentially occur as well. To maintain proper operation, the correct version of the connector should be used for best results.

I am on Macintosh computer. Is anything different for Mac users?

There are no reported issues with Macintosh and Zimbra so far. If you were able to log on with Mac on the old web version, this new web version should work too. If not, please let the Computing Center know so we can investigate the problem.

Now that Macintosh has Outlook, can I use the Connector too?

Connector support for Outlook is problematic even on the PC side. There does not appear to be a connector for Mac at this time and since the Macintosh adds another level of complexity to the equation, there may never be a Mac version. Even if there was, we would try to discourage the use of the connector except in situations that have a pervasive need for Outlook. The added requirements and associated extra problems using Outlook on either platform does not justify unnecessary addition of extra users. The web-based Zimbra is stable, functional, agile, and provides a system replete with far fewer issues than anything involving Outlook. The Zimbra web-based interface is the preferred method for email access at ULM. The Zimbra Desktop is also a viable option.

I use the Zimbra Desktop. What is different for me?

Currently, there is no Zimbra Desktop upgrade to Version 8. Once the Zimbra Desktop 8 upgrade reaches the public, we hope to secure a version for testing. We will then evaluate and report on any significant changes for which you should be made aware. The new Zimbra server update should only affect users who are running early versions of Desktop. If you have a version less than 7.2, you may need to upgrade to this last Version 7 application. If you have version 7.2 installed, just continue as usual.

Okay, I used to be able to see student email addresses in the Global Address Book. They are gone now. Will they be coming back?

This is by design and the correct behavior. Zimbra had introduced a bug in the previous version that showed students in the email search. Many employees complained about students in the search because of the possibility of sending email to students by accident. Currently, there is no way to enable student listings in the GAL for an individual.

Are there any significant functional changes or updated features I should know about?

This video provides the end user with an overview of features and abilities of Zimbra 8
( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wFfCgIJpSf4 ).
Note that some features mentioned in the video may not be implemented in our ULM version of Zimbra (e.g. voice options).

I heard there were some calendar changes made to Zimbra 8. What can you tell me about those?

Consult this video for an overview of new Zimbra calendar changes
( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAbrvQBbX-A )

Can you give me any tips for managing my email using Zimbra 8?

This video gives some tips on using Zimbra 8 to organize and search email using the built-in tools
( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovqrsdxBJwQ ).

** Note that all listed videos were created by entities external to ULM and as such some of the information mentioned may not be specifically applicable to our installation. In most cases, the differences are minimal. Please be aware that UCC staff may not be aware of specific examples mentioned within the video, so questions related to those may not be immediately known.