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How do I set up a shared calendar?

Setting up and Sharing Calendars

With the new Zimbra email system, all users have the option of using a personal calendar and/or a shared calendar. The following instructions will allow you to set up and share a calendar.

Important Note: If you or any users you are sharing your calendar with are currently using a 3rd party mail program like Outlook or Mac Mail, they need to be closed during this whole process. Shared calendars are not automatically used by outlook and it is recommended to retire outlook in favor of the simplier Zimbra interface.

Lets Begin!

First you will browse to the Faculty/staff Zimbra login page at https://myemployeemail.ulm.edu, or if your a student you will log into https://mystudentmail.ulm.edu. Enter your username and password and click "Log In".

Shared Calendar1

This will take you to the main email page. To view your calendar, click on the "Calendar" tab.


On the left you will see a list of your Calendars. By default you should only have one Calendar, but in certain circumstances you may have more.


To create a new Calendar, Choose "New" and then choose "New Calendar" from the dropdown list.


This will bring up a window where you will name your Calendar and give it a color. If you have multiple calendars, you may use the colors to diffrentiate between them on the same calendar view. Do not worry about the two check boxes.


Once you click "OK" you will see your new Calendar listed on the left hand side. To Share the calendar, you will right-click the calendar and choose "Share Calendar" from the dropdown menu.


This will open a box where you will configure the shared calendar. For most cases you will use "Internal users or groups" which will limit who can use it to those on the ULM Zimbra system.

Next you will input the ulm email addresses of those you wish to have access to the calendar.

The "Role" section is going to be where you specify what sort of access those you have listed in the email section have. None has no access. Viewer can look at the calendar but cannot change it. Manager can add to and edit the calendar but cannot delete the calendar or see private dates of the owner. Admin can do everything just like the owner of the calendar.

After these options are set you can click "OK". Do not worry about the other sections.


Once you have clicked "OK" you are done! The users you have invited have now been sent an invitation to view your calendar. NOTE: The other users cannot accept the share with any other email program. They must read the email from within zimbra to accept the share.

The people you listed as users will receive an email from you saying that the share has been created. When they look at the message in Zimbra, they will see "Accept Share" and "Decline Share" at the top of the email, as shown below. Again, these options DO NOT appear in any other email program.


When they click "Accept Share" they will see a box as shown below. They can now name the share and give it a color.


Now the Share will be listed in their calendar list.


Congratulations, you now have a shared calendar on Zimbra!

Just remember, when you post a new appointment do not forget to choose the shared calendar and not the default, self-only one.