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Frequently Asked Questions - Student Mail

You will receive an email notice several weeks prior to deletion of your Warhawks email account.  The tentative timeframe for account deletion is described in the following email example:
"Your ULM assigned Warhawks email account is soon due to be purged from the University systems. In accordance with current policy, Student email accounts are removed from the system whenever a student is no longer enrolled at the University for more than six months. Since enrollments follow semesters, we usually delete accounts during Fall and Spring semesters. This schedule allows a recently-enrolled student to retain a Warhawks account across multiple semesters, over a full semester of absence, or through the Summer sessions.

If a student has not been enrolled at ULM for a significant period of time, the account is eligible for removal. Any reenrollment or readmission to the University will trigger the system to automatically create a new account for use within 24 hours of this admission process.

The University is not responsible for content that may exist in the account. This content may include, but is not limited to, old course materials, archived email, or personal files. Students will be responsible for the retrieval of any materials in the account prior to the account deletion. Once the account is removed, all materials within the account will be gone and no longer available. An email account purge does not affect the ability to review academic status through Banner Self-Serve.

Accounts may be purged as soon as 2 weeks from receipt of this notification."

Access to ULM email from a smartphone or other mobile device is available supported full HTML browsers such as thru an iPhone or Android device. To access the mobile email, open Safari (or other HTML complient browser) and go to http://mystudentmail.ulm.edu.
Make sure the dropdown is set for "mobile" and enter your login credentials.
You can also use the ULM mobile app which is availabe thru the Android and iTunes app markets.  Simply do an app search for ULM.

You can not send or receive an attachment over 20MB in size.

ULM incorporates a spam filter on our email servers that is actively working to eliminate spam coming into campus mailboxes. Unfortunately spammers are arriving at new and effective ways to get their messages past these filters. We try and filter all that we can but if we set the filters too strict, then it will filter the email you want to get as well as the spam.

To change your password, you may log into the myULM portal at http://my.ulm.edu and use the reset password form located under the "Campus Systems" tab.

Log into your Zimbra account. Choose the "Address Book" tab then choose "New". This will drop down a menu where you will choose "New Contact". Fill out the information that you have for the contact then choose "Save". Alternately, if you have received an email from somone you wish to add to your address book, click on the email to select it. Then in the preview window you will see their name or email address listed after "Sent By". Click their name/email address to add it to your list.If you have another address book in another program that you would like to import, check the program you currently have to see if it has an export feature. Export your address book in .CSV (Comma Seperated Values) format. Once you have the .CSV file, open Zimbra and choose the "prefrences" tab. In the secondary line of tabs, choose "Address Book". Here you will see where you can import your CSV file.

ULM does not have this enabled for students at this time. Access through a web browser is the only option for students.

I can't remember my Password for access to myULM, webmail or moodle.  Call the helpdesk at (318)342-3333 or email the helpdesk@ulm.edu.
I can't remember my Password to access Banner. Call the Registrar’s office at 318-342-5262 (during regular office hours).

Your warhawks username is the the same as your email address and the same as your moodle username. If your mail address is 'user123@warhawks.ulm.edu' then your username is 'user123'. If you do not know what your email address is and do not know your moodle username you may use this online form to lookup your username using your CWID.

Students use the Zimbra interface found at https://webmail.ulm.edu/ to access their campus email.

These are the file extensions corresponding to the file types being blocked/quarantined.
.bas   .bat   .bin   .chm   .cmd   .com   .dll   .drv   .exe   .inf   invoice.doc
.md?  .msi  .pif    .reg   .scr   .vb   .vbe   .vbs   .wsh   .ade   .adp   .avi
.cpl   .crt   .hlp   .hta   .ins   .isp   .js   .jse   .lnk   .midi   .mp3   .mpeg
.msc   .msp   .mst   .pcd   .quicktime   .sct   .shb   .shs   .url   .voc   .wav
.wsc   .wsf   .wsh   .zip

Note:  If you are expecting any email that you have not received with an attachment or not, you may check the SPAM Quarantine system which keeps questionable messages for your review for about 2 weeks.  Not all undeliverable messages are considered for quarantine.  The Quarantine box provides an extra level of protection against email that may have virus based content.
You may access your specific SPAM Quarantine area by logging into the myULM portal and finding the "SPAM Firewall" link under the Campus Systems tab.