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How do I add to my address book?

Log into your Zimbra account. Choose the "Address Book" tab then choose "New". This will drop down a menu where you will choose "New Contact". Fill out the information that you have for the contact then choose "Save". Alternately, if you have received an email from somone you wish to add to your address book, click on the email to select it. Then in the preview window you will see their name or email address listed after "Sent By". Click their name/email address to add it to your list.If you have another address book in another program that you would like to import, check the program you currently have to see if it has an export feature. Export your address book in .CSV (Comma Seperated Values) format. Once you have the .CSV file, open Zimbra and choose the "prefrences" tab. In the secondary line of tabs, choose "Address Book". Here you will see where you can import your CSV file.