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How long is my Student Email account available?

You will receive an email notice several weeks prior to deletion of your Warhawks email account.  The tentative timeframe for account deletion is described in the following email example:
"Your ULM assigned Warhawks email account is soon due to be purged from the University systems. In accordance with current policy, Student email accounts are removed from the system whenever a student is no longer enrolled at the University for more than six months. Since enrollments follow semesters, we usually delete accounts during Fall and Spring semesters. This schedule allows a recently-enrolled student to retain a Warhawks account across multiple semesters, over a full semester of absence, or through the Summer sessions.

If a student has not been enrolled at ULM for a significant period of time, the account is eligible for removal. Any reenrollment or readmission to the University will trigger the system to automatically create a new account for use within 24 hours of this admission process.

The University is not responsible for content that may exist in the account. This content may include, but is not limited to, old course materials, archived email, or personal files. Students will be responsible for the retrieval of any materials in the account prior to the account deletion. Once the account is removed, all materials within the account will be gone and no longer available. An email account purge does not affect the ability to review academic status through Banner Self-Serve.

Accounts may be purged as soon as 2 weeks from receipt of this notification."