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Frequently Asked Questions - suspicious

Why am I getting this suspicious email?

ULM uses a SPAM filtering system at ULM to strain out the majority of problematic emails. The system works by tagging certain emails according to specific content keywords. Unfortunately, some emails cannot be filtered accurately without removing legitimate messages containing those same words. As such, some bad emails slip through.

This message was signed by “The Web Team.” Who is that?

Many of the emails that are bogus contain names of nebulous groups that could be found at any location (the Web Group, the Email Team, the Helpdesk Crew, etc.) ULM emails should be signed by a university employee whose name is included at the bottom. This allows any recipient with questions to contact that sender directly to verify the email is legitimate.

I see a weblink in the text but when I point to it, it changes to something different. What is happening?

The visible email address is not always the same as the embedded link. Mouseover the weblink and see what embedded link is displayed (either under the mouse or at the bottom of the window). Compare that to the text of the weblink in the email. For legitimate email, these links should be the same. If they are different, someone is trying to fool you and the link should not be trusted.

This email I got has the school logo in it so it must be from ULM, right?

Sorry, no. It is easy for a scammer to grab the logo from our webpage and change it as needed to create a seemingly safe environment for correspondence. Some scammers have created entire fake websites designed to fool unsuspecting users to enter vital data before they realize what is happening. Do not trust something just because the pretty pictures match our school colors.

Why are you guys asking for my password and username? Don't you know me?

Actually, we don't ask you for your password. Yes, we do know who is using our systems. ULM Computing Center personnel will not ask for personal information. Email is not secure so we do not use it to ask these questions. If we need specific information, a known ULM UCC employee will contact you directly. None of this will occur over email.

Can't someone just create a scam email for ULM?

Yes they can. Scammers could go on our website, steal our graphics and forge the name of an employee. The reality is that most scam emails are designed for hundreds of thousands of victims scattered in many different businesses and schools. To craft an email for one specific target area severely limits their ability to reach a wide audience. Even if someone did craft a ULM-centered email scam, you could check the weblink, to find it did not match our ulm domain name (ulm.edu). If it asks you for personal information, you can be pretty sure it is not a ULM-sponsored email. When in doubt, do not give out anything to anybody.