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Faculty in Ed.D. Program

The Ed.D. faculty comprises prominent researchers in such areas as elementary and secondary education, school administration, educational leadership, K-12 and higher education policy, educational technology, and special education. 

* Full Member: Eligible for Committee Member & Major Professor
* Associate Member: Eligible for Committee Member


Dr. Michael Beutner (Associate Member) 
Associate Professor of Instructional Technology 
George T Walker Hall 2-25 
(318) 342-3142 


Areas of Expertise:

Dr. Beutner earned his Ph.D. in Instructional Technology from Ohio University in 2001.  He has had professional experience in educational software production. He is driven by the development of open source interactive online educational media for early readers and in the application of open source online “virtual manipulatives” for hands-on mathematics instruction that leads to conceptual awareness; improvement in reading and mathematics achievement would address critical needs in early childhood education in Louisiana.   



ChuDr. Yiting Chu (Full Member)
Assistant Professor 
George T Walker Hall 2-31 
(318) 342-1254 


 Areas of Expertise: 

Dr. Chu earned his Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in Multicultural Education from the University of Washington, Seattle.  He teaches graduate classes in curriculum and instruction and educational leadership programs at ULM. Dr. Chu's research is situated in the field of diversity and equity in education, with particular attention to the education for diverse and marginalized students, and culturally responsive teacher education.



ImageDr. Jessica Dolecheck (Full Member - HPRE)
Associate Professor & Program Director Health Studies
Sugar Hall 156A
(318) 342-5583


Areas of Expertise:

Dr. Dolecheck earned her Ph.D in Occupational Therapy from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale in 2005.  She has been teaching at ULM since 1995 in undergraduate and graduate courses. Dr. Dolecheck was instrumental in integrating Evidence-base Practice in undergraduate curricula and designing a new Health Studies undergraduate program both on-campus and online. Her research interests include quantitative and qualitative research in healthcare regarding mother-child social interactions, EBP, appreciative advising for student success & Health Science program development.


Dr. Paula Griswold (Full Member - HPRE)
Associate Professor
Associate Director of School of Health Professions
Sugar Hall 151C
Areas of Expertise:

Dr. Paula Griswold earned her Ph.D. in Toxicology from Northeast Louisiana University (now University of Louisiana Monroe) in 1993.  She is a registered Medical Technologist and certified Medical Coder.  She has been teaching at ULM since 2007 in undergraduate and graduate courses.  Dr. Griswold developed and implemented a healthcare management/marketing practicum for Health Studies majors here at ULM. Her research interests include experiential learning, health literacy, and community based health programs.



 Dr. Hitt
  Dr. Lacy Hitt (Associate Member)
  Assistant Professor 
  George T Walker Hall 2-134
  (318) 342-1482


Areas of Expertise:

Dr. Hitt earned her Ph.D. from Louisiana State University in the area of Curriculum and Instruction with a focus in Reading. She has taught in K-12 schools in Louisiana and has served as a Reading Specialist/Coach. Dr. Hitt currently teaches Reading Methods courses and serves as the Literature Library Coordinator and A+Pel University Supervisor.



ImageDr. Kioh Kim (Full Member)
Associate Professor
George T Walker Hall 2-26
(318) 342-1277


Areas of Expertise:

Dr. Kim earned his Ph.D. in Instructional Technology from the University of Wyoming in 2005. He has been teaching since 1992 in K-12, college undergraduate and graduate courses. Dr. Kim’s research interests include pre/in-service teachers’ technology integration into their classroom and training pre/in-service teachers computer-based technology.



ImageDr. Myra Lovett (Full Member)
Assistant Professor 
George T Walker Hall 2-130 
(318) 342-1271 


 Areas of Expertise:

Dr. Lovett earned his Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Louisiana at Monroe in 2014. She has been teaching elementary and middle school since 1998, and now teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in the School of Education. She also is the Coordinator of Field Experiences and Teacher Candidacy. Dr. Lovett’s research interests include educational decision-making, pre/in-service teachers’ instructional strategies; co-teaching; and training pre/in-service teachers on best practices.  



ImageDr. Sheryln Powell (Full Member)
Associate Professor
George T Walker Hall 2-135
(318) 342-1272


Areas of Expertise:

Dr. Powell earned her doctorate degree from The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa Alabama in the area of Special Education with a cognate in Reading.   She taught in K-12 schools in Louisiana for 10 years and has taught at the university level for the past 21 years. She currently teaches undergraduates and graduates theory and methodology in the areas of literacy/reading, special education, and behavior management at The University of Louisiana at Monroe. She has severed on the Louisiana State Autism Team (LSAT) issued by Louisiana Department of Education and the Louisiana Department of Education Advisory Council for Teaching Reading to Students with Reading Difficulties. She was Team Leader for Louisiana Department of Education’s monitoring of program compliance for Special Populations in Louisiana school districts for 10 years and was Consultant and Expert Witness on Special Education state and federal laws, regulations, and interpretations for 2 law firms. (2003, 2011, 2013).  Dr. Powell’s research interests include Autism, Family Systems, Literacy Acquisition, Behavior Management, and ADHD. 


Dr. Annetee Tommerdahl (Associate Member - HPRE)
Part-Time Assistant Professor - Health Studies




Areas of Expertise:

Dr. Annette Tommerdahl earned her Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Student Affairs Administration as well as her M.S. in Exercise Physiology from the University of Wyoming. She has been teaching at ULM since 2008 in undergraduate and graduate courses. Her previous teaching experience was in Kinesiology and Health at the University of Wyoming. Annette has also held several administrative positions including Associate Dean (Holy Names University Oakland, CA & Shelton State Community College Tuscaloosa, AL), Assistant Dean (Planning, Evaluation & External Affairs Texas A & M Health Science Center) and Director of Student Affairs (University of North Texas Health Science in Fort Worth). Annette is certified as both a Program Director and Exercise Specialist through the American College of Sports Medicine.


ImageDr. Ava Pugh (Full Member)
Program Director of Elementary Education and Coordinator of Professional Block
George T Walker Hall 2-20
(318) 342-1282


Areas of Expertise:

Dr. Pugh received her Doctorate in Education from Mississippi State University in 1980 in Curriculum and Instruction with Cognates in Science Education and Educational Leadership. She has been at the University of Monroe since 1984 and has been teaching since 1974 on K-12, undergraduate, and graduate levels. During these years, Dr. Pugh has published 101 research papers and articles in International, National, Regional, State, and Local Journals. She has also delivered over 333 research papers, presentations, workshops, and speeches to International, National, Regional, State, and Local Conventions and Associations. Ava is the Program Director of Elementary Education and Coordinator of the Professional Block in Elementary Education. 



ImageDr. Dorothy Schween (Associate Member)
Associate Professor 
Director, School of Education 
George T Walker Hall 2-37 
(318) 342-1266 


Dr. Schween earned her doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction from ULM. Her background and interest is in deaf education and special education. She has extensive classroom experience in Dallas and Monroe having taught students ages 3 to 16. Coming to ULM in 2001, she orchestrated the redesign of all teacher education programs before becoming Department Head of Curriculum, Instruction, and Leadership and then Director of the School of Education. She has authored and co-authored chapters for a special education textbook and is currently a collaborative partner in a statewide research study of the implementation of Common Core in Louisiana. Her research interests are broad, encompassing both effective teaching strategies and inclusive learning environments.



ImageDr. Shalanda Stanley (Full Member)
Assistant Professor
George T Walker Hall 2-139
(318) 342-1270


Areas of Expertise:

Dr. Stanley earned her PhD in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus in reading and literacy education from Louisiana State University in 2012. She has been teaching elementary school since 1998, and now teaches undergraduate and graduate reading and special education methods courses in the School of Education. Dr. Stanley's research interests include best practices in reading, writing and literacy. 



   Dr. Nicole Vaux (Full Member)
   Assistant Professor 
   George T Walker Hall 2-30
   (318) 342-1280

Areas of Expertise:

Dr. Vaux earned her Ph.D. in Educational Administration and Leadership from the University of Alabama in 2015.  She coordinates the Educational Leadership program at ULM, and holds the Endowed Professorship in Educational Administration. Dr. Vaux is certified in quantitative statistics and STEAM.  Her research interests are primarily in organizational theory with a focus on culture and climate.  Currently she is working on studies involving organizational climate and academic optimism as predictors of achievement and effectiveness in schools.