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The mission of the International Educational Tools for Success Conference is to provide an opportunity for educators and administrators from all over the world a venue for exchanging ideas and learning from each other. The conference sessions, led by outstanding practitioners and researchers, will promote the need for and extend the idea of world-class education for all students.


  1. The conference will offer professional growth opportunities for participants and presenters in three thematic strands: Best Practices, Technology, and Leadership.
  2. The online journal will provide a venue for reviewed publications in the areas of best practices, technology and leadership in education from papers presented at the conference.
  3. The conference and online journal will build and strengthen PK-12 educators’ capacity for research, scholarship and professional growth.

Strand Descriptions/Extensions:

  1. Best Practices – Classroom methodologies, pedagogy and practices based on research and/or experience in the classroom to provide models for school improvement and promote academic achievement
  2. Technology – Effective integration of technology in the PK-12 schools to improve students’ academic achievement and school performance
  3. Leadership – Utilizing leadership skills to build capacity, commitment and collaboration within the classroom, school and district to improve PK-12 school performance


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