Educational Leadership Certification Programs:

  • Teacher Leader Endorsement
  • Masters Degree in Educational Leadership (advanced)
  • Alternative Certification for Post-Masters

State universities recently submitted plans for implementation of new programs or re-design of existing Educational Leadership programs. Programs submitted were evaluated by State and outside consultants. ULM's Program was the only program in the State, considered by the State Department of Education and National Reviewers, that was approved without stipulations. Communication from the State Department indicated that we had the "Best Reviews in the State" and . . . "No other campus has ever received a report where the majority of the pages were filled with 'strengths'. . . ." The National Reviewers were so impressed with the quality of the Educational Leadership proposal and interview that they recommended a special commendation be given to the institution.

The previous program in Administration and Supervision was the only one in the state that was fully approved and accredited for Principalship, Supervisor, and Superintendent. The new program has been designed to prepare school leaders who can make a difference in our schools, improve student performance, and meet challenges posed by increasing accountability requirements and a changing society. The objectives and activities are closely aligned with State and National standards, the No Child Left Behind Act, best practices as indicated by research, and rely heavily on site-based performances.

Strengths of Program

Teacher Leader endorsement
Completion of the first 6 hrs. of the Program qualifies candidates for Louisiana endorsement as a Teacher Leader.

Extended Internship
Candidates will complete an Internship that begins before school starts and ends after school ends (6 hours credit). Past students and research indicate that this part of the program is most valuable as candidates are exposed to the realities of school administration. Most of these Internships can be done in your present school settings, but the Program will also provide exposure to several settings to enhance the value of each experience.

Candidates will be assigned a mentor after completion of the Teacher Leader courses. These mentors will assist and guide the candidate during their coursework and Internship.

The Program is built around numerous site-based experiences. New emphasis will be given to "hands-on" and problem solving activities.

Multiple Certifications
Certifications will include:
  • Teacher Leader Endorsement
  • Elementary School Principal
  • Secondary School Principal
  • Supervisor of Instruction
  • Superintendent
        (additional exam required)
Post-Masters Alternative Certification (ACERT)
Those persons holding the masters degree in education may take the prescribed coursework to become certified in Educational Leadership. Transcripts will be evaluated to determine an individualized course of study for each candidate. Course work must be completed with a minimum 3.0 cumulative grade point average, pass the School Leaders Licensure Assessment (SLLA), and complete an electronic portfolio.

Program Requirements

Minimum 2.5 GPA required for admission.

Completion of the Graduate Record Examination (GRE) with appropriate formula score.

Valid Louisiana Teaching Certificate (or equivalent).

Five years of teaching experience (required for certification).

Students must pass the SLLA to complete Internship requirements and become certifies.

Students must be able to effectively utilize word processing, e-mail, blackboard, electronic portfolio, and a spread sheet before progressing beyond Teacher Leader.

Educational Leadership Program Entry Criteria

District Recommended
with Support (RS)
Recommended (R)
Meet Undergraduate GPA Criteria Meet Undergraduate GPA Criteria
Meet GPA  x GRE Formula Score Criteria Meet GPA  x GRE Formula Score Criteria
Attain Teacher Leader Endorsement Attain Teacher Leader Endorsement
District Letter of Support District Letter of Support
Letter of Participation Support and/or Release Time Three Leadership Disposition Scale Recommendation Forms
Leadership Evidence and Writing Sample
Approval of Program Selection Team

Educational Leadership Faculty and Contact Information

Dr. Charles Pryor (318) 342-1246   
    (Department Chair)

Dr. Otis LoVette (318) 342-1521    
     (Admissions Coordinator)

Dr. Bob Cage (318) 342-1288

Dr. Glenda Holland (318) 342-1242

Dr. Michelle Johnston (318) 342-1249

Dr. George Rice (318) 342-1277

Sequence and Listing of Courses
Sequence for
Course Numbers & Titles
Sum '05 Pass Portal I. Admission to Graduate School. Screening & Admitting Candidates To Enter Tier 1: TEACHER AS A SCHOOL LEADER 3
Fall '05 EDLE 500 Teacher Leader I: Improving School Performance* Global Leadership 3
Fall '05 EDLE 505 Teacher Leader II: Using Data for School Improvement* Informed Leadership 3
Spg '06 EDLE 510 Best Practices in Leadership, Teaching, & Learning* Visionary Leadership 3
Spg '06 EDLE 515 Legal, Ethical, & Regulatory Issues* Legal, Ethical Leadership 3
Su I '06 EDLE 520 Systems Design in Curriculum & Instruction* Instructional Leadership 3
Su I '06 EDLE 530 Instructional Leadership & School Climate* School Leadership 3
Su II '06 EDLE 535 Curriculum & Instruction for Educational Leaders* Instructional Leadership 3
Su II'06 EDLE 540 Leadership for Improving Instructional Practices* Collaborative Leadership 3
Pass Portal III. To Enter Tier 3: LEADER AS MANAGER
Fall '06 EDLE 545 Managing School & District Resources* Managerial Leadership 3
Fall '06 EDLE 555 Professional Leadership Internship I Professional Leadership 3-6
Spg '07 EDLE 550 The Practice of School & District Leadership* Practicing Leadership 3
Spg '07 EDLE 560 Professional Leadership Internship II* Professional Leadership 3-6
Pass Portal IV. Graduation/Certification

This advanced masters program will prepare candidates to become principals, supervisors, and superintendents. An additional examination, other than the SLLA exam, will be required for certification as superintendent.

Timelines and Application

Summer 2005 and thereafter:
Obtain district (RS) or other nomination (R), complete and submit other required application materials: GRE scores (students may be admitted on a "provisional basis" for 6 hours until scores are received), 3 recommendation forms, candidate application form, writing sample. The forms for application are available for completion at or may be obtained by visiting or writing:

    College of Education & Human Development
    255 Strauss Hall
    Monroe, LA 71209

    Dr. Luke Thomas, Dean

    Dr. Charles Pryor, Department Chair

    Fall 2005: Programs begins. Candidates will
                      enroll in Teacher Leader courses.

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