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Kim, Kioh

Assistant Professor of Instructional Technology

Research in pre/in-service teacher's technology integration into the classroom and training in pre/in-service teachers computer-based technology.

Loeb, Mara

Associate Professor of Communication

Intercultural communication
International student population's role at ULM
Family stories and family culture: sharing, caring, preserving

Intercultural Communication and the ULM Campus or other issues that address the international student population's contributions to the ULM family.
Family Stories and the Family Culture. Sharing, caring, preserving.

Lowe, Megan

Assistant Professor of Library Science
Reference Librarian

Information literacy: effectively searching and using information sources
Plagiarism: what it is, how to identify it, and how to avoid it
Information science: study of information, how it affects us and how we affect it

Information literacy: The importance of understanding how to effectively search and properly use the wide variety of information sources available in this day and age-school and beyond.

Mapp, Christopher

Assistant Professor
Director of Student Publications

Print and web journalism
Communication research and statistics
Crisis communication (hurricane and natural disasters)

McCann, Brandy

Assistant Professor of Gerontology, Sociology and Political Science

Women's Issues
Rural elders
distance learning

McCown, William

Interim Director Graduate School
Associate Professor of Psychology
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Problem gambling
Procrastination and task avoidance: why we do it and how we can overcome it
Children and drug abuse: working together to avoid the common epidemic

Problem gambling--I have spoken on this topic worldwide. It is entertaining but also helpful and nonjudgmental. It is appropriate for all ages.