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May 2014

ULM ranked in top 10 of nursing schools in the U.S.

The University of Louisiana at Monroe's Kitty DeGree School of Nursing has been ranked as the number nine nursing school in the nation by CollegeAtlas.org in its "A-List," or list of top United States Nursing Schools for 2014.

Photo of nursing students

ULM's Kitty DeGree School of Nursing was ranked in the top 10 of nursing schools in the United States by CollegeAtlas.org

ULM was the only school in the state to make the top 10, and was one of only two schools in the south to make the top 10.

"To be informed of yet another accolade earned by one of our programs carries a sense of pride for me and our community," said ULM President Dr. Nick J. Bruno.

"Our service region and employers who utilize ULM's healthcare professionals should be pleased that our grads and our program are viewed as some of the best in the country."

According to the methodology, the "A-Lists" of CollegeAtlas.org were created to provide a fresh, unbiased look at college ranking systems.

Instead of highlighting elite, exclusive, or expensive schools that cater to the few, the "A-Lists" were created with a focus on affordability and accessibility in addition to academic quality.

Academic quality rankings were assessed by "an institution's categorization and rank published in the annual U.S. News and World Report Best Colleges rankings.

This takes into account a significant number of factors and is generally considered the gold standard for college rankings emphasizing academic quality and reputation."

Photo of Dr. Emily Doughty


Photo of ULM President Dr. Nick J. Bruno


"The Kitty DeGree School of Nursing is excited about the news of our ranking as number nine on the College Atlas "A-List" of nursing programs throughout the nation," said Dr. Emily Doughty, director of the school.

"This ranking verifies the outstanding opportunities at the University of Louisiana at Monroe and the exceptional education available in the Kitty DeGree School of Nursing."

"In addition, this validates the quality of our faculty and students. The School of Nursing continues to build upon the foundation of excellence for which it is known, and strives to create an environment in which our students develop a passion for the practice of nursing."

Nursing schools were judged on four main criteria: their cost of attendance, their acceptance rate and enrollment size, their academic quality, and their nursing rankings.

According to CollegeAtlas.org, ULM's nursing ranking was based on the university's overall "A-List" score as well as its NCLEX-RN pass rate. The NCLEX-RN pass rate validates that those who graduate with a nursing degree are able to pass their board tests and practice as nurses. Using a custom algorithm to blend these attributes, the "A-List" nursing rankings reveal colleges and universities across the country which offer unbeatable nursing programs.

With a 91.3 percent acceptance rate and a top 10 percent board exam pass rate combined with relatively small class sizes and average cost of in-state attendance, ULM cemented its place at number nine on the list.

To view the rankings, visit collegeatlas.org/top-nursing-schools-2014.html

Collaborative plan supports ULM's medical laboratory sciences program

The Medical Laboratory Sciences program at the University of Louisiana at Monroe has begun registering students for fall 2014, after the university withdrew its program termination request from consideration by the Louisiana Board of Regents.

Budget cuts forced a university proposal to eventually shutter the program in 2015, but through collaborative efforts of various healthcare professionals and the ULM MLS faculty and administration, the program will continue as a premier platform in the region, providing hospitals with medical laboratory scientists who are integral in the detection of illness.

More than 20 providers committed to funding the program over the next two years. Efforts by the MLS faculty and the community partners to recruit more students into the program are expected to produce self-sufficiency after that time.

Photo of ULM President Dr. Nick J. Bruno


"I am very happy about the new partnerships," said ULM president Dr. Nick J. Bruno.

"I am grateful to the medical community for stepping in, and to the faculty for getting heavily involved in the recruiting process. This is another great community and university partnership and we all look forward to growing the program together."

The university set a plan for reorganization in October 2013 which did not include the continuation of the MLS program, due to the high cost of educating the small student population.

Upon learning of the fate of the program, members of the area's healthcare community conveyed the need to continue the program and began an effort to work with the university for a solution.

Photo of Debbie Wisenor


"In northeast Louisiana, we are the poorest part of the state," said Debbie Wisenor, director of the MLS program.

"The termination of the program would have stopped the local supply of qualified medical laboratory scientists to this region, and many of the hospital CEOs and lab managers recognized that…and came forward and began to educate the public on the important work we do."

In an article titled "Help Wanted: Lab Workers," Douglas A Beigel, Chief Executive Officer of COLA—a Maryland based nonprofit whose purpose is to promote excellence in laboratory medicine and patient care through a program of voluntary education, consultation and accreditation—warns of a potential critical situation brewing in laboratories.

"According to an annual survey performed by the American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP), laboratory professions are seeing an average vacancy rate of five to six percent, depending on the department," said Beigel. "Federal statistics also document the shortage. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), more than 40,000 current lab jobs are vacant in the United States."

"The size of projected shortages is even more daunting," continued Beigel. "According to the most recent BLS study in 2012, 7,100 new jobs in medical- and clinical-laboratory technology will be created annually by 2022. In addition, the current workforce is expected to have a replacement rate of 26 percent, totaling an additional 8,500 jobs needed annually for the 10-year period."

"Although these figures indicate a need for approximately 15,600 new laboratory professionals annually, educational programs are producing only about 8,200 graduates per year."

Wisenor shares that sentiment. "With a four-year MLS degree, our graduates can enter the field making $58k a year. There are jobs everywhere," she said. "One hundred percent of our graduates are employed within three months of graduation and most have job offers before graduation."

"There are openings across the country due to the shortage, but with the program located here, we are more likely to get them to stay in the region and that's the goal. We want to train them in our local and regional hospitals and keep them here."

According to Wisenor, Regent Joe Farr, hospital administrator Mickey Carroll, and Dr. Lee Pankey were three key people who joined with MLS faculty and the Medical Laboratory Science Coalition of Northeast Louisiana in a grass-roots effort to keep the program open.

"Several people in the MLS community went to a Board of Regents meeting to ask that the request to close the program be tabled until we could find a solution, and it was granted," Wisenor said.

"Mickey Carroll and Dr. Pankey were phenomenal in getting lab and clinic support. For those small entities to support the program is a testimony to how much they realize how valuable the program is in this region."

In a letter written to the Louisiana Board of Regents, Pankey, a pathologist and lab director with over 34 years of experience said, "Under the direction of Debbie Wisenor, this program produces outstanding quality medical technologists who have…100 percent passing rate of their registry boards. These are our leaders, our managers, our professionals in the laboratories of our hospitals, clinics and private labs. Without them and without this program, many of these labs and, in reality, hospitals may not survive."

MLS programs at ULM, McNeese State University, LSU Health Sciences Center-Shreveport and LSU Health Sciences Center-New Orleans are the only programs at public universities in the state with accreditation from the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences.

"Medical laboratory scientists are behind the scenes," Wisenor continued "We're the healthcare detectives in the lab doing the analysis on blood and body fluids, and it's estimated that 70 percent of medical decisions are based upon laboratory data. Without the laboratory data, healthcare as we know it would not exist."

Photo of Dr. Eric A. Pani


ULM Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Eric A. Pani noted, "Universities are faced with the challenge of meeting workforce needs—even critical ones like this—with substantially less state financial support than we had five years ago."

"Tuition increases have offset part of those losses, but we strive to keep college affordable for our students, so ULM tuition remains relatively low. Unless fiscal policy changes, I expect policy makers will be looking for university-community partnership like this to develop more often in the future."

Now that the program can begin enrolling students again, Wisenor looks forward to recruiting the next generation of medical laboratory scientists.

"We're recruiting for our next class and accepting applications through summer," she said. "I will be happy to meet with any students who have questions about the program. Our degree plan is very rigorous and very similar to pre-pharmacy."

"We are looking for students who are critical thinkers, who like to solve puzzles, and who want to figure out what's going on inside of the body. They receive an excellent education, and that's why we have excellent outcomes."

For more information about the ULM MLS program, or to begin the registration progress, visit ulm.edu/mls

New research unit at ULM promotes agriculture

The Louisiana Board of Regents recently approved the University of Louisiana at Monroe's proposal to create a unique Precision Agriculture and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UASs) Research Application Center. The center will house a multi-disciplinary group that will assist the agricultural community in the development and application of innovative methods involving the use of UASs.

Photo of drone

ULM's Precision Ag Center will utilize this Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) to perform research for regional agriculture interests.

"I view this as a very forward thinking initiative that has a two-fold benefit providing students with education and knowledge in a field that is projected to grow significantly in the near future," said ULM President Dr. Nick J. Bruno. "It provides an opportunity for us to greatly benefit the region's agricultural interests."

The center's main goals will be to develop and implement a curriculum for ULM students in precision agriculture methods incorporating the use of UASs; contribute to meeting the workforce demand for individuals in Louisiana trained in precision agriculture methods; and to develop, conduct, and disseminate—in collaboration with the agriculture community in Louisiana—innovative methods and applied research related to the application of UASs in precision agriculture.

"We are currently gathering data to be used by the center via soil and water analysis and by crop analysis using near infrared photo technology that we obtain using our UAS," said Paul Karlowitz, who will serve as co-director of the new center. "This data will allow the center to demonstrate ways to assess and interpret crop health."

The demand of the region to provide graduates capable of guiding agricultural initiatives through the use of newer technologies has helped fast-track the development of the Precision Ag Center.

Photo of Paul Karlowitz


"How to collect and interpret this data is part of two UAS courses this fall," Karlowitz continued. "This center will provide the needed focal point for our UAS students to prepare to fill the coming jobs in the emerging agricultural UAS market."

Employers are seeking assistance and individuals experienced in applied research related to application of UASs in agriculture, and those who can also provide support for economic development interests.

Dr. Ron Berry, dean of the College of Business and Social Sciences said, "We are excited to be on the forefront of this emerging application of technology in agriculture."

"As the world's population continues to grow, improving productivity within the agriculture industry while at the same time helping protect and sustain our limited natural resources will be critical. Appropriate application of UASs can help us accomplish both."

Photo of Dr. Ron Berry


The center brings a collection of ULM faculty into the fold to provide a rounded and comprehensive course selection for students. Faculty involved with the Precision Ag Center are already working with personnel within the agriculture community.

In the College of Health and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Dr. Kevin Baer, professor of toxicology, will provide expertise in environmental toxicology; and Dr. Dinesh Babu, assistant professor of toxicology, will provide insight into food safety toxicology.

In the College of Business and Social Sciences, Dr. Christine Berry, associate professor of risk management, will provide students with the latest in risk management procedures related to agricultural business initiatives, with Dr. James Casey, Professor of Ag Business, and Zachary Moore, Instructor of Ag Business, providing agribusiness expertise.

Also within the College of Business and Social Sciences, Paul Karlowitz will provide aviation and UAS instruction along with David King, associate professor of aviation.

Dr. Anna Netterville, assistant professor of criminal justice, and Dr. Sean Chenoweth, associate professor of sciences, will facilitate coursework in remote sensing, and geographic information systems. Chenoweth will also serve as director of the center.

Dr. Paul Wiedemeier, associate professor of computer science, will provide information systems classes.

The growth and potential of the research center—through collaborations between the university, farmers, ranchers, and other entrepreneurs in the region—could help create spin-off startup ventures in many areas, including UAS design, the manufacturing of parts for UAS systems, the marketing of efficient crop and animal management plans, and data collection and interpretation.

The center plans to launch in July.

For more Good News about ULM, visit the ULM News Center!

Director's Corner: a message from ULM Alumni Director Devin Girod

Devin Girod


Dear Fellow Alumni & Friends,

I want to say farewell to all of you! My last day at ULM was May 9. It’s bittersweet, but my fiancée and I are relocating to Forney, TX.

I appreciate the opportunity I have been given to serve our alma mater, and help create positive change for the Alumni Association. I have little doubt that the ideas we’ve implemented will help grow membership and support.

I’ve made lasting friendships, received great advice from many of you, and heard constant stories of alumni and student success that reiterate the pride I feel for our university.

I hope each of you continue in your support of ULM and help move our university forward. I believe in what we are trying to do here. However, we cannot grow without all of your support.

Again, sincerest thanks and best regards! Geaux Warhawks!

Best to you and yours!
Devin Girod Signature                                                                                                    

PS - Remember to support your ULM Alumni Association with a financial gift! And you can easily double or even triple your gift with a Maching Gift from your employer. Find out more at our Matching Gift website!

ULM launches new online photo store

ULM alumni, students, faculty/staff and supporters will be able to shop online for ULM photos on the brand new ULM Official Online Photo Store.

The store will be operated on the PhotoShelter platform, worldwide leader in photography portfolio websites, photo sales, marketing and archiving tools for photographers. With PhotoShelter, ULM receives a customized website to showcase events throughout the year from football games to graduation.

Photo of Online Photo Store

The website is a collaboration between the ULM Office of Public Information and the Warhawk Athletics Department. "We are very excited to announce the launching of our new official online photo store," said President Nick Bruno.

"The store will provide alumni and supporters with an easy to navigate website where they will be able to choose from a large selection of ULM photos that will help enhance our exposure."

ULM decided on the PhotoShelter platform based on Warhawk fan and ULM alumni requests for the opportunity to purchase high quality photos of ULM and Warhawk Athletics. The online Photo store satisfies those requests, with plans to add photos of the campus since its founding in 1931.

Fans can access the photo store by clicking on the shop tab at ULMWarhawks.com, or through the university website.

"The online photo store is a great addition to the new offerings we have revealed this past year to our supporters." said Brian Wickstrom, Director of Athletics.

"The store will provide a wide range of photographs for our fans to choose from."

The website address for the store is ulm.edu/photos

One of the key components to the new website is that ULM will have full control over the photographs and the galleries. The official online store will grow as the year progresses, as the number of photographs will significantly increase with the number of ULM sponsored events.

If there are any comments or questions about the online photo store, please feel free contact Richard Duran, Director of Marketing at 318-342-5382 or duran@ulm.edu

Spring 2014 ULM Magazine cover
Spring 2014 ULM magazine is now available

The Spring 2014 edition of The ULM Magazine— "Legacies" — is now available in an interactive format.

A smaller, more focused version of the ULM Magazine, "Legacies" spotlights five decades of ULM alumni and several current ULM faculty who make a difference everyday.

To view "Legacies," just click on the magazine cover!

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Photo of iPhoneULM app now includes Alumni features

Those who have the University of Louisiana at Monroe's free mobile app will find a few new features in the latest update including local weather conditions and ULM Alumni Association events.

The new Alumni Association feature has the potential to bring alumni closer to the university community with event listings, contact information, and the opportunity for alumni to update their information with the association.

In 2012, ULM integrated new items to the mobile app including a tuition estimator, and interactive campus map, which allows students to see their courses pin-pointed on an interactive map of campus buildings to see exactly where they need to go each day to get to class.

ULM's mobile app, developed in 2011, provides a portable method for students to access much of the same information they currently access from their desktop or laptop computers.

To see these new features, visit your app store and upgrade to the latest version of ULM Mobile.

The mobile app is a free download available for iPhone, Android, and most other web-capable smart phones at ulm.edu/app

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ULM Alumni Association expands Social Media tools

Social media is a great way to stay in contact with fellow alums and the university. ULM and the ULM Alumni Association currently uses various social media outlets such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and RSS feeds to help you stay connected!

The ULM ALumni Association has assembled a listing of various alumni chapters with a Social Media presence.

Visit ULM's Social Media page - ulm.edu/socialmedia - for a complete list of the many types of Social Media you can use.

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ULM's Career Connections offer employment services

The Office of Career Connections & Experiential Education at ULM (formerly Career Services) has an online job posting service serving ULM students and alumni.

The Web site, ulm.edu/careerconnections allows employers to post part-time and full-time positions as well as internship opportunities.

Anyone may browse the jobs, however, an active Campus Wide Identification number (CWID) will be needed to apply online. Alumni that graduated more than five (5) years ago should call Career Connections at 318-342-5338 to apply for positions.

Log onto ulm.edu/careerconnections and click on "Students: Browse & Apply for Jobs & Internships."

Employers will also find on the Career Connections Web site the link "Employers Submit Job or Internship" in order to post any job openings or internship opportunities at their organization. The Web site currently has over 800 positions available.

Visit ulm.edu/careerconnections for tips about resume preparation and interviewing skills. Please call 318-342-5338 for an appointment.

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ULM License PlateWhen you purchase a Warhawk license plate, part of the proceeds help fund scholarships for future Warhawks.

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For more information about your Alumni Association, visit ulm.edu/alumni!

All About You! spotlights the many accomplishments of our great alumni. Send your accomplishments and successes to obryant@ulm.edu, and please include a photo!

Photo of D. Scott Phillips


D. Scott Phillips (BS '88) was appointed by Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal to the Louisiana Board of Registration for Professional Engineering and Land Surveyors.

According to statute, the Louisiana Professional Engineering and Land Surveying Board is comprised of eleven members, including nine professional engineers and two professional land surveyors, each from various areas of practice expertise.

According to Phillips, the board serves to protect the safety and welfare of Louisiana citizens by regulating the practices of engineering and land surveying and by issuing licenses and certificates to qualified applicants.

Phillips is a registered civil engineer and land surveyor in multiple states, and is the regional engineer for Tensar International Corporation.

He was appointed to serve as a professional engineer representing industry, and will serve a six-year term on the board.

Photo of Phillip Ellis


Phillip Ellis (BA '09) recently received the Frisby Griffing Marble Scholarship award from the Mississippi College School of Law during its annual Law Day ceremony.

The award is given annually to second and third year law students in the top one-third of the class who show potential for outstanding service to the legal profession.

He is the son of Mike Ellis and Jerri Harlow Strahan and is married to Lauren Lee Ellis.

Nearly 800 receive degrees at ULM Spring Commencement Ceremony

Photo of Graduates

Graduates anticipate the awarding of diplomas during ULM's Spring 2014 Commencement.

A packed house at Fant-Ewing Coliseum cheered on another class of University of Louisiana at Monroe spring graduates at the 2014 ULM Spring Commencement Ceremony on May 10.

ULM President Dr. Nick J. Bruno conferred 748 degrees to 747 students looking to begin the next chapter of their lives.

West Monroe Mayor Dave Norris gave the keynote speech reminding students that their university is more than just a place of higher education.

He said, "When your nursing students graduate from a program that is among the top ten nationally, and when the university itself is named the most underrated in the whole state, you know you are graduating from a special place."

Norris also told a sobering story about the rising costs of higher education and student loan debt, prompting students to keep in mind that their journey does not end at commencement. "Never think your education is over," he said.

"There will always be a need to keep learning. You may be back here sooner than you think."

Norris is a West Monroe native and graduate of West Monroe High School. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Government from ULM in 1963, and taught at the university from 1966-1998.

Also during the ceremony, Tex Kilpatrick, the CEO of Kilpatrick Enterprises, was honored with an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters for service to the university.

Tex has served as a member of Louisiana State University's Alumni Board—his alma mater—and shown unwavering support to his wife Carole Eady Kilpatrick's alma mater, ULM.

Photo of Presdient Bruno and Tex Kilpatrick

Tex Kilpatrick (right) is congratulated by ULM President Nick J. Bruno after being honored with an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters for service to the university.

Tex was appointed to the University of Louisiana System Board where he served from 1997-2002, has aided ULM in many capacities including service as the Vice President of the ULM Foundation, and has shown continued support for ULM's Lyceum Series.

He has served as a member of the West Monroe Chamber of Commerce, the Monroe Chamber of Commerce, West Monroe's Lion's Club, and the United Way.

Tex and Carole have been married for fifty-five years. They have three daughters and four grandchildren.

ULM also honored the top GPA earners. Four students were honored as the top students of the spring '14 class.

Emily Ballew earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology. Ballew finished her career with a 4.0 GPA. She is a native of West Monroe and is the daughter of Shannon Ballew and Larry and Carmen Ballew.

Lauren Chandler earned a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science. Chandler finished her career with a 4.0 GPA. She is a native of Bossier City and is the daughter of Wade and Felicia Chandler.

Katelyn Hogan earned a Bachelor of Science degree in construction management. Hogan finished her career with a 4.0 GPA. She is a native of Monroe and is the daughter of Ron Hogan and Rena' Davis.

Jessica Stanley earned and a Bachelor of Science degree in radiologic technology. Stanley finished her degree with a 4.0 GPA. She is a native of Knoxville, Tenn., is the daughter of Larry and Nancy Sexton, and the wife of Sean Stanley.

To view the list of gradautes, visit ulm.edu/spring2014-degree-list.pdf

Pi Kappa Alpha members save man from burning vehicle

On Saturday, May 3, a story began to circulate about a man who was rescued from a burning vehicle near the University of Louisiana at Monroe campus. The story ended with that man being air-lifted to LSU-Shreveport, clinging to life.

Most have heard the short version, but what most have not heard is the story of the men who saved a life that night.

Four ULM students and a ULM alum—all members of the ULM Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity—risked their lives to save another.

Jeremy Durand, a senior kinesiology major from Pollock; John Mark Henderson, a junior marketing major from Natchez, Miss.; Andrew Ricks, a freshman kinesiology major from New Iberia; R.T. Gilbert, a sophomore criminal justice major from West Monroe; and Brock Pierce, a 2013 kinesiology graduate, pulled a 32-year-old father out of his burning vehicle, saving his life.

The men were visiting a friend on Bon Aire Drive near Masur Hall on the ULM campus when they heard the crash take place.

"We heard tires squeak and some loud noises and when we got close to the wreck, the back-end caught fire," said Pierce.

Once it was evident that someone was inside the vehicle, the men took to finding a solution to free the victim.

"The doors were jammed so we started on the front," said Durand. "We were talking to him and trying to get him to communicate. He was dazed and couldn't speak. There were small explosions going off so we took the door where the window starts and bent that all the way down."

With the door removed, Durand realized that the situation was worse than they expected.

"We tried to get him out and we couldn't get him to budge," he said. "The steering wheel was pinned down on his legs. We couldn't move him at all."

After multiple attempts to remove the victim, Pierce knew they didn't have much longer to achieve a successful outcome.

He said, "It felt like we had been pulling on him for 15 or 20 minutes, but it was really only a minute or two. Then, the entire car became engulfed, even inside the cab itself, and at that point and time everyone was thinking worst-case scenario—it's going to blow."

Pierce and the others stepped back to assess the situation and came to the conclusion that they had only moments left to save the man's life.

"He came to, and started to fight and try to get out, so we got back in and were able to pull him out," said Pierce.

Once they pulled the victim to safety, Pierce began efforts to keep him stabilized and alert.

"His words were short and muttered but when he first said his name and I repeated it back to him, I said it incorrectly. He corrected me and that was a good sign."

A neighbor with nursing experience joined the men in helping the victim while waiting for the ambulance and helicopter to arrive.

Tommy Walpole


When asked about their thoughts during the experience, Pierce and Durand said they only had one goal, and that was to get the victim out of the vehicle.

"We realized the danger, but it never entered our heads to stop. It was intense," said Pierce.

Tommy Walpole, staff adviser for the ULM chapter of Pi Kappa Alpha said, "I'm proud of them and I know that a lot of people wouldn't do what they did. It was pretty remarkable."

Pierce says that he and his brothers were recently contacted by the fiancée of the victim. They plan to meet with her soon.

ULM's student government plants trees in honor of ULM legends

Photo of Dr. Horace Perry (H.P.) Jones


Photo of Louis Nabors


Students from the University of Louisiana at Monroe's Student Government Association dedicated two oak trees in honor of ULM legends Dr. Horace Perry (H.P.) Jones, and Louis Nabors.

The trees were planted on Mitchell Street in front of the Student Union Building on the ULM campus.

ULM President Dr. Nick J. Bruno, and ULM Vice President for Students Affairs Dr. Wayne Brumfield spoke about each professor during the dedication.

"H.P Jones has left behind an indelible legacy of hands-on, in-your-face teaching that inspired students for nearly five decades," Bruno said. ;

"He is held with high regard on this campus and within our community."

Jones passed away at his home on March 19, 2013. He retired from the ULM History Department after nearly 50 years of service on May 19, 2012.

Brumfield remembered Nabors's presence.

"Louis was a great man with a great booming voice," he said. "He has left his mark on thousands of students over the years, and we were lucky to have him on our campus."

Nabors passed away on July 30, 2013 while in Italy. Nabors taught music at ULM for over 40 years.

Plaques honoring each will be placed in front of the trees.

ULM's Kappa Delta Sorority raises over 36K for child abuse victims

The Delta Zeta chapter of the Kappa Delta Sorority at the University of Louisiana at Monroe raised over $36K during the annual "Shamrock Run 5K," and "Mile Fun Run," benefitting victims of child abuse and neglect.

Photo of Kappa Alpha Members

The Delta Zeta chapter of the Kappa Delta Sorority at the University of Louisiana at Monroe raised over $36K during the annual "Shamrock Run 5K," and "Mile Fun Run," benefitting victims of child abuse and neglect.

Over 400 racers competed in the eighth annual joint event. Total proceeds from the races totaled $36,694.98—the most in the chapter's history.

Emma Braddock, Kappa Delta vice president for community service said, "This year we implemented a raffle in the fall semester, along with our spring activities, which really helped boost our goal."

"Along with money raised from runners and sponsors, we had percentage nights at restaurants, handprints on a large wooden shamrock that was showcased at the run, and we sold pinwheels, which are the national symbol for child abuse and neglect, donated by Prevent Child Abuse America (PCAA). I am pleased with all the hard work the chapter members put in for raising money and getting participants."

Eighty percent of the proceeds earned will directly assist children in Louisiana, benefitting the Prevent Child Abuse Louisiana state organization. The remaining 20 percent will be donated to the PCAA—Kappa Delta's national philanthropy for national public awareness programs.

Founded in 1897, Kappa Delta Sorority began supporting PCAA in 1981, and began the nationwide Shamrock race in 1983. ULM's Kappa Delta chapter was formed in 1967.

For more Good News about ULM, visit the ULM News Center!

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2014 Single-game Ticket Prices
Lower Bench (Sections 101-107) - $30
Upper Chairback (Sections 202-206) - $30
General Admission (upper WEST or EAST) - $18

Annual Outback Steakhouse Golf Classic and Auction Set for July 11-12

The annual ULM Outback Classic Golf Tournament and Auction will be held July 11-12, 2014 on ULM's campus and at Frenchman's Bend Golf Club. The two-day event features a golf tournament, a dinner, a live auction and a silent auction to benefit the ULM men's and women's golf programs.

Photo of Warhawk Auction Items

Lots of Warhawk items and memorabilia will be available at the ULM Outback Classic Golf Tournament and Auction.

The dinner and auctions will be held in Fant-Ewing Coliseum Friday, July 11, beginning at 6 p.m., while the golf tournament will take place on Saturday, July 12, at Frenchman's Bend Golf Club with tee times set for 8 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.

For those who don't wish to play golf, tickets for the dinner and auction are only $50 per person with the food provided by Outback Steakhouse.

Refreshments on Friday and Saturday will be provided courtesy of Marsala Beverage and the Ouachita Coca-Cola Bottling Company.

The golf tournament will be a four-person scramble and teams can register for only $840 with prizes going to the top three teams in each flight. There will also be contests for closest to the pin and longest drive during the event. The field will be limited to the first 50 paid teams.

For information on the Outback Golf Classic and Auction, please contact Bernard Heflin at 318-342-3607 or bheflin@ulm.edu

ULM dismisses fourth-seeded WKU 8-1 at SBC Championships

The ULM softball program eliminated its third different team of the 2014 Sun Belt Conference Championships as it routed fourth-seeded WKU 8-1 on May 9 at Lamson Park in Lafayette, La.

Picture of ULM Softall team

Sixth-seeded ULM (25-26) trailed 1-0 in the fourth inning when Faith Bohack changed the game with a two-out, two-run bomb to leftfield to give the Warhawks the 2-1 lead. The blast scored Alexis Cacioppo who reached base by drilling a one-out double over the right fielder's head.

The Warhawks pulled away in their next at-bat with four runs to go up 6-1. Amye Barre got it started with a double into the right-centerfield gap. After Mackenzie Miller came in to pitch-run, she moved to third on a single by Sidney Coy. Miller scored on a fielder's choice when she avoided the tag on a play at the plate. The Warhawks garnered their second run of the frame on an error at shortstop as Coy came in to score.

ULM loaded the bases in the inning after a one-out walk by Cacioppo. Hollie Letourneau delivered a hard-hit RBI single to leftfield to score All-Conference Second-Team selection Miyuki Navarrete. The final run of the inning came on an RBI fielder's choice by Bohack to plate SBC Freshman of the Year Rochelle Roberts.

The Warhawks added a couple insurance runs in the sixth inning on a two-out single by Roberts which scored a pair. The knock scored Courtney Dutreix and Navarrete from second and third. Dutreix reached on a fielder's choice and Navarrete on a walk. The duo moved up a base after a wild pitch.

Samantha Hamby (17-16) earned the win in the circle for ULM after tossing a complete-game. She struck out a pair and allowed just one earned run. Emily Rousseau (18-18) recorded the loss for WKU after surrendering seven hits and four earned runs in 4.1 innings.

Defensively, Dutreix had a very notable day in leftfield for ULM with a pair of diving grabs.

WKU, which won the SBC regular season last season and reached NCAA Regionals, got on the board first in the third inning on a bases-loaded walk with two outs for its only run of the game.

The Warhawks have won three games in the SBC tournament for the first time since 2008 when they advanced to the championship game. They are assured at least a spot among the final three teams in the tournament in a league ranked fourth in the country in conference RPI.

Legendary ULM quarterback Humphries named Assistant Women's Basketball Coach

After winning a national championship as the quarterback of the ULM football program, Stan Humphries returned to his alma mater and was named women's basketball assistant coach, Director of Athletics Brian Wickstrom announced April 24.

Photo of Stan Humphries


Photo of Brian Wickstrom


"This is an exciting step for ULM athletics. To have someone with great ties to ULM and the community become a member of our coaching staff fits the plan of raising the visibility of ULM athletics," Wickstrom said. "I look forward to watching Jeff, E.J. and Stan take our women's program to the next level."

Humphries comes to ULM after coaching the past 12 seasons as both a girl's basketball head coach and assistant coach at the high school level. This past season at West Monroe High School, Humphries guided the squad to a No. 1 ranking in the state. The team has won at least 25 games in all of the three seasons he's been there.

While at Ouachita Christian School, Humphries led the girl's basketball team to the state semi-finals.

"It's a great honor for me to have this opportunity at my alma mater. My whole life there's been a love for basketball. My family, my wife's family and my kids have all played basketball. It's been my livelihood, and even though I played football, basketball has always been my love. For me to have this chance to start something new and fresh at the collegiate level, at my alma mater, has been a dream of mine for a long time," said Humphries. "I know a lot of the high school coaches in the state from coaching against them for the last 12 years. I've seen a lot of players from coaching against them at tournaments throughout the state, from the 1A level to the 5A. I feel that will help in some aspect."

Humphries first returned to ULM in 1999 as a Quarterback Coach with the football program. After two seasons, he was promoted to Offensive Coordinator in 2001.

In 2002, he joined the staff at Ouachita Christian School as an Offensive Coordinator with football and Assistant Coach with girl's basketball. He stayed until 2008 when he took the position of Head Girl's Basketball Coach and Athletic Director at St. Mary's High School in Natchitoches, La.

Humphries came back to the area in 2011 where he was named Assistant Girl's Basketball Coach at West Monroe High School.

"He's been a girl's basketball coach in the area for the last 12 years so everyone now knows him as a basketball coach. He was very successful both at Ouachita Christian and St. Mary's and he did a fantastic job at those programs after pouring his heart into it. He did the same thing in his three years at West Monroe. He's a diligent worker and very passionate about the game. Stan has had a desire to get back to the collegiate level and we're very, very happy for him and this opportunity for him to work at ULM. He wants to really be active and recruit players to go to ULM and enjoy the time like he did. Our high school and the West Monroe community were very fortunate to have him for three years and we appreciate all the hard work he put in that contributed to our success," said John Green, head girl's basketball coach at West Monroe High School.

As a player, Humphries led ULM to the 1987 Division I-AA football national title and is one of just two Warhawks to have his number (No. 11) retired from the football program. He is a San Diego Chargers Hall of Fame Inductee and led the team to their only Super Bowl appearance in 1995. He was also a member of the 1992 Washington Redskin Super Bowl XXVI Championship team.

Off the field, Humphries hosted the Stan Humphries Celebrity Classic golf tournament that raised over a million dollars in funds. It was created to establish the Brooke Humphries Field of Dreams wing in the Children's Hospital in San Diego.

"We're excited about the addition of Stan Humphries to our staff. As an esteemed alum of ULM he has a passion for ULM athletics. He has demonstrated his commitment to women's basketball by coaching at the high school level for over a decade in Louisiana. He is well respected, not only in his region, but across the state," said ULM head coach Jeff Dow. "I'm looking forward to the contributions Stan will make, not only in recruiting in this region but also with his on-the-floor responsibilities. As a highly successful former professional and collegiate athlete, he embodies the results of hard work and commitment. Stan and fellow assistant E.J. Ok are tremendous examples for current and future Warhawks."

Humphries resides in Monroe with his wife Connie and his daughters Brooke (23) and Chelsea (21). Brooke is a former tennis letterwinner at Northwestern State and Chelsea is enrolled in graduate school at ULM.

ULM launches Ace's Army Student Rewards Program

The ULM Athletic Department has launched the Ace's Army Student Rewards Program in order to encourage student attendance at all sporting events. 

Ace's Army Graphic

With this program students will be awarded a pre-determined number of points for each game attended when they swipe their ULM ID card. As students accumulate points they will be eligible for prizes at different level, starting at 5 points and advancing to 50.  

These prizes range from an Ace's Army Koozie to an Ace's Army Hoodie, Ice Chest, or Big Chair. Additionally, the student with the most points at the end of the year will win in-state tuition for a semester.

Complete program information, inlcuding rules/FAQs, and a full list of prizes and a schedule of the eligible sporting events, is available at ULMWarhawks.com

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Download the ULM app and get all the latest in ULM Athletics in a simple, interactive interface on your Apple or Android smart device.

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Visit ulmwarhawks.com to download your free app for any Apple or Android smart device.

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Join the 'Young Grad' program today!The ULM Athletic Foundation helps raise awareness and financial support for the Warhawk athletic programs, positively promote all athletic events, grow our fan and donor base, and enhance the lives of over 300 student-athletes.

There are five ways you can help ULM Athletics!

1. Become and active member of the ULM Athletic Foundation and “Give 110%” of your previous year’s giving.

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More information about the ULM Athletic Foundation can be found at www.gowarhawks.net 

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