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Open Graduate Assistant Positions

Application Materials (application and 3 letters of recommendation) should be submitted directly to the hiring supervisor for the position you are applying for. 



Fall 2018 Openings


Student Activity Center  |  Intramural Graduate Assistant

The Intramural Graduate Assistant will assist the Director and Assistant Director of Recreational Services, and Assistant Intramural Coordinator, with the coordination of all aspects of ULM’s Intramural Sports/Recreation Program.  This is including, but not limited to, the maintenance and upkeep of University Park (a 4 field softball complex). The purpose of ULM Intramurals is to provide a comprehensive quality program of recreational activities which are designed to meet the interests and needs of all students, regardless of ability or skill level.  Apply to Robert Reed at reed@ulm.edu.

Student Activity Center  |  Facility Graduate Assistant

The Facility Graduate Assistant for the ActivityCenter will assist the building's Facility Coordinator in its day-to-day operations. This includes, opening or closing the building during the week and weekends, performing daily walks throughout the building to assess fellow student staff and any problems within the ActivityCenter, and assist in setting up for any  events that may occur during the semester.  This GA will possess a professional demeanor and dress accordingly during scheduled work hours.  Apply to Colton Bernstein at bernstein@ulm.edu.