Program: Course Description

FOUNDATION COURSES (required of all students prior to Preliminary Examinations)

LEC 700 (A) (3 semester hours) (Tech Fall and 1st Summer)
COURSE TITLE: Introduction to Doctoral Research Design
DESCRIPTION: This course is designed to extend the student’s knowledge of and expertise in areas of research design, style, and format of writing a dissertation as well as use of graduate electronic resources and statistical analysis.

LEC 701 (A) (3 semester hours) (ULM SPR & 2nd Summer)
COURSE TITLE: Utilizing Technology for Statistical Analysis in Education
COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course surveys procedures for using the computer in text editing, data management and statistical processing of research data. User oriented computer languages such as SPSS-X, SAS, and BMDP will be used in the context of multivariate statistical modeling using structural modeling techniques with quantitative and qualitative data. Laboratory sessions are a must. (Prerequisite: LECF 700)

LEC 702 (A) (3 semester hours) (ULM Fall & 1st Summer)
COURSE TITLE: Evaluation Theory and Practice
COURSE DESCRIPTION: The objective of the course is to present and investigate the theories and practices associated with performance evaluation. Course content will focus on personnel, instrument and criteria evaluation and the decision-making process associated with each. Participants will learn to evaluate, analyze and interpret data derived from a variety of sources and how to use that information in guiding their decision-making.

LEC 703 (A) (3 semester hours)(Tech Winter & Spring)
COURSE TITLE: Qualitative Research in Education
COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course examines theories and methods of qualitative educational research including ethnography, case studies, interview studies, and document analysis. Emphasis is placed on selecting methods appropriate to the research question from among qualitative and other research traditions. Techniques for data collection, analysis, and presentation are studied and practiced through the design of a research project. (Prerequisite: LECF 700)

LEC 704 (A) (3 semester hours) GSU Fall & Spring
COURSE TITLE: Sociocultural Issues in Education
COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course involves intensive examination and analysis of issues relating to the delivery of educational services in school districts with diverse student populations. Topics examined and analyzed include ethnic cultural, gender, class, religious, and linguistic diversity, as well as human exceptionality. Participants will be required to participate in observation and/or research activities in classrooms, schools, and/or school districts. An observation or research report is part of class expectations.

CORE COURSES (required of all students)

LEC 705 (A) (3 semester hours) (Tech Fall & Spring)
COURSE TITLE: Problem-Solving and Decision-Making Processes
COURSE DESCRIPTION: The primary objectives of the course are to broaden the understanding of both theory and research on problem solving and decision-making. Practical and applied strategies and techniques involved in problem-solving behaviors are presented. Various models of decision- making are explored with particular emphasis on methods and extent of superior/subordinate involvement in decision-making. The importance of the role that ethics plays in influencing quality decisions is examined.

LEC 706 (A) (3 semester hours) (ULM Spring & Summer II)
COURSE TITLE: Interpersonal Communication and Conflict Resolution
COURSE DESCRIPTION: The primary objectives of this course are to present methods and styles of communication which facilitate positive interpersonal communication and to introduce techniques and methods of conflict resolution which can be effectively utilized by administrators and faculty. Conflict resolution will focus on relationships between administration and faculty, faculty and faculty, faculty and students, students and students, and administration/faculty and parents/public.

ADDITIONAL COURSES (required of Curriculum and Instruction students)

LEC 707 (C) (3 semester hours) (GSU Fall)
COURSE TITLE: Curriculum Theory and Design
COURSE DESCRIPTION: The course will enable participants to design and revise school curricula sponsored by an employer, a public agency, or an educational institution. Participants will read the literature of leading curriculum theorists and apply current curriculum design. Participants will discuss contemporary issues in school curriculum including reform efforts.

LEC 708 (C) (3 semester hours) (ULM Spring)
COURSE TITLE: Models of Teaching: Theories and Application
COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is designed to build the requisite knowledge and skills for selecting and implementing teaching models congruent with specific teaching and learning needs. Course content focuses on three areas: 1) theory, research, and practice of a variety of information-processing, behavioral, social, personal, outcome-based, student-centered, and eclectic teaching models; 2) instructional adaptations appropriate for individual teaching styles, special needs, and learning styles; and 3) classroom and instructional management strategies that facilitate implementation. Participants analyze, interpret, and evaluate models and strategies, and select or design, justify, and then implement those most appropriate for a specific field situation.

LEC 709 (C) (3 semester hours) (Tech Winter)
COURSE TITLE: Research on Effective Teaching and Learning
COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course reexamines current research regarding major theories and practices of teaching and learning, including reflective instruction, mediational learning, clarity and motivation, preventive management strategies, learning styles, teaching methodologies, and participatory cognitive learning opportunities. Diagnosing students' needs and matching them to specific learning strategies related to gender, ethnicity, culture, social class, and other exceptional will be the focus.

LEC 710 (C) (3 semester hours) (Tech Summer I)
COURSE TITLE: Foundations and Procedures for Staff/Professional Development
COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course focuses on analysis of the professional environment, including cooperative relationships with colleagues, administrators, practitioners, and other experts; appropriate professional expectations; effective interpersonal and professional communication; formal informal organizational structure; support systems. Strategies for coping with, refining, adjusting the organization culture in order to minimize uncertainty and disorder and to maximize authentic professionalism will be examined. Emphasis will be placed on continued professional growth which can be evidenced by teaching, service and research.

LECC 722 (C) (3 Semester hours) (ULM Summer II)
COURSE DESCRIPTION: Course focuses on the design, development, implementation, and evaluation of instructional materials that are created according to instructional design principles.

LECC 723 (C) (3 Semester hours) (GSU Fall)
COURSE DESCRIPTION: Course introduces candidates to the methods, procedures and educational implications of brain-based research.

ADDITIONAL COURSES (required of Educational Leadership students)

LEC 711 (E) (3 semester hours) (Tech Summer II)
COURSE TITLE: Advanced Theory and Research in Educational Leadership
COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course analyzes conceptual models used to define and explain learning organizations and the investigation of roles, strategies and methods used by educational leaders to produce more efficient and effective organizations.

LEC 712 (E) (3 semester hours) (GSU Spring)
COURSE TITLE: Advanced Principles of Organization and Administration of Schools
COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is a study of the organization and administration of schools in the United States. Concepts of organization, administration and management are explored. Theory and practice are integrated regarding the means by which schools should be run.

LEC 713 (E) (3 semester hours) (ULM Fall)
COURSE TITLE: Foundations of Human Resource Development
COURSE DESCRIPTION: The purpose of this course is to develop competency in utilizing human resources to recognize and support unique contributions through human resource needs assessment, planning, recruitment, selection, induction, and development. Theories of human resource development are explored to identify and apply exemplary models. Utilization of human resource information (HRIS) technology is addressed as a means of managing and analyzing data, and of disseminating data to federal, state, and local stakeholders.

LEC 714 (E) (3 semester hours) (GSU Summer II)
COURSE TITLE: Policy Analysis and Power Structure
COURSE DESCRIPTION: The course provides an in-depth study of the educational policy process, in Public School Administration and Supervision. The educational policy process will consist of discussions regarding authority and responsibility, power and influence, public policy, methods of determining power structure, school boards, principalships, and superintendency roles.

LECL 720 (E) (3 Semester hours) (Tech Spring)
COURSE DESCRIPTION: The advanced study and application of leadership theories and skills to develop partnerships with public, civic, government and community organizations.

LECL 721 (E) (3 Semester hours) (ULM Fall)
COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course develops candidate instructional leadership skills for analyzing effective teaching/learning behaviors, implementing leadership methods for staff development, and communicating multicultural awareness.


LEC 715 (Z) (3 semester hours) (ULM Fall)
COURSE TITLE: Advanced Content Methodology and Techniques
COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is designed to conduct, analyze, and evaluate pertinent research methodology in the areas of Early Childhood/Elementary/Secondary Education. Based on previous experiences and designed studies, students critique current research articles in the content fields and evaluate these articles for making future contributions to education. These methods, techniques, and trends are designed to assist the Elementary/Middle/Secondary instructor to develop a comprehensive style of teaching.

LEC 716 (Z) (3 semester hours) (Tech Winter)
COURSE TITLE: Problems and Issues in Curriculum and Instruction
COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course emphasizes analysis and evaluation of current curriculum concepts (scope, sequence, balance, integration) and major trends in curriculum and instruction. Using research based knowledge and best practice, students will analyze/design curriculum based on social forces, human development, learning, knowledge, and cognition. Assignments and activities will include general curriculum planning and specific curriculum planning in students' subject area and grade level concentration. Additional emphasis will be placed on decision making processes, value positions, and learning communities.

LEC 717 (Z) (3 semester hours)
COURSE TITLE: Grants Planning and Management
COURSE DESCRIPTION: The primary objective of this course is to promote understanding of and participation in the process of preparing, submitting and managing grants for research and projects. Successful strategies will be presented to identify relevant funding sources at the local, regional and national levels, to prepare effective proposals and to conduct efficient post-award grant administration consistent with legal and ethical guidelines.

LEC 718 (Z) (3 semester hours) (GSU Spring)
COURSE TITLE: Principles and Practices in Instructional Supervision
COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course will expose students to contemporary principles and practices in the supervision of instructional programs. Strategies and techniques of supervising instruction will be reviewed by assessing program effectiveness in terms of variables with indicators of curricular modification. Successful models of supervising instructional programs will be analyzed, interpreted and evaluated.

RESEARCH (required of all students)

LEC 776 (A) (3 semester hours) (GSU Fall/Spring/1st Summer)
COURSE TITLE: Doctoral Internship Seminar
COURSE DESCRIPTION: This seminar is designed to enable students to demonstrate and apply knowledge bases and dispositions acquired/refined in the other program components and courses and to share their internship experiences with other students.

LEC 777 (A) (3 semester hours)
COURSE TITLE: Internship
COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is a supervised on-site educational experience in curriculum, instruction, supervision, or administration.

LECD 778. ADVANCED RESEARCH DESIGN. 3 cr. Course provides students knowledge and skills needed to complete dissertation prospectus and begin dissertation using quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods of inquiry.

LEC 799 (A) (3 – 9 semester hours) Every Semester
COURSE TITLE: Dissertation
COURSE DESCRIPTION: This course is an independent application of research, design, and methods that leads to the completion of an original research study under the guidance of the student’s doctoral committee.

The letter in parentheses after the course number indicates the role of the course in the LEC program:
A – required of all LEC students
C – required of Curriculum and Instruction students
E – required of Educational Leadership students
Z – elective

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