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Computer Science
Students can select from one of four areas of study where they can apply computer science concepts
Marriage & Family Therapy
MFT doctoral students can research renowned psychiatrist Don D. Jackson, whose groundbreaking work is housed at ULM.
Construction Management
Graduates are placed in all major cities in Louisiana as well as surrounding states
One of the first undergraduate exercise science programs to be CAAHEP accredited
Construction Management
With few exceptions, every major construction firm in northeast LA either employs or is owned by a program graduate
The Marketing program is student centered; the professors are accessible to students
ULM's Agribusiness program utilizes biotechnology, mapping software and GPS/GIS technologies.
Computer Science
A survey of graduates since 2001 reflects that 94% were enrolled in grad school or employed in a related career within 1 year
Our exercise science students join the nationally-recognized National Association for Sport & Physical Education (NASPE)
World Languages-Spanish
We offer scholarships for students who are majoring Spanish
Criminal Justice
Integration with Numerous Agencies
Computer Science
Our Computer Science program has been continuously accredited since 1987
World Languages-Spanish
In addition to Spanish, we offer classes in French, German and Chinese
Marriage & Family Therapy
The MFT master’s degree is dually accredited by COAMFTE and CACREP
New curriculum planned to make Actuarial Science classes be offered on a regular basis
Educational Leadership
National program plan reviewers recently recommended a special commendation be given to ULM
Our program has developed two areas of emphasis to prepare students for careers in marketing: sales & advertising

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Speech-Language Pathology
Radiologic Technology
Political Science
Construction Management
Medical Laboratory Science
Occupational Therapy

ULM offers other minor options. For more information about majors & minors, see the academic catalog.