FacultyMemName HighestDegree Assignment Rank TenureTrack Scholarship P12Experience
Aycock, Kathy MSED +30 Supervision of student teachers/LaTaap seminars/Student advising Instructor FALSE LaTAAP workshops on Professional Development days
Beutner, Michael PH.D, Instructional Technology, Ohio University, Athens, OH Instructional Technology Associate Professor TRUE Director, Louisiana High School Technology Challenge (an annual online competition involving 56 high schools in Louisiana with participation of approximately 800 students). Evaluations by participants were extremely positive.

Website/Software Developer for a unique University outreach program for thousands of children in Northeastern Louisiana. Content is educationally appropriate with multimedia-based activities. Site: http://ulm.edu/aceadventures/

Unique scholarly research in the integration of speech recognition technology applications for pronouncing Mandarin Chinese:
Tao, L., Beutner, M., Bond, Z., (2006). Speech recognition technology in the instruction of Mandarin Chinese. Journal of the Chinese Language Teachers Association, 41:3, 57-89.
The article summarizes much of the cutting-edge research I conducted in the use of speech recognition technology for Chinese language instruction. The article is jointly authored with two professors of Linguistics from Ohio University.
Volunteered to conduct numerous in-service technology workshops at many schools.

Abroad, taught hundreds of elementary school aged children in the Philippines (as a Peace Corps Volunteer) and in Taiwan as an instructor for a private language school.

Taught thousands of students at the university level.
Cage, Bob N. Ph. D. in Educational Leadership & Research, Iowa State University LEC Program Director and Professor Professor TRUE Scholarship: Have published in several refereed journals, including Research in the Schools, National Forum of Applied Educational Research Journal, and The Educational Forum.
Leadership: Have served as President of the Louisiana School Facilities Management Association and the Association of Louisiana Evaluators.
Service: Have served on four University committees (one as chair); served on four College of Education committees; and on three departmental committees (one as chair).

Taught 7 years in junior and senior high schools in the state of Iowa.
Campbell, Wilson Ed.D in Physical Education and Administration, University of Southern Mississippi Faculty, Clinical Supervisor Professor FALSE Collaborated with 4 school districts in northeast Louisiana to have 4 Carol M. White physical Education grants (PEP) funded for over $2.7 million.
Presented within the last 3 years at: NASPE (2), Focused Fitness Summer Institution (2).
Chairperson of the Department of Kinesiology since 2003.
Chair; NCATE Standard VI committee last 2004-present.
Volunteer soccer coach for community league 1995 to present.
LaTAAP Certified Clinical Supervisor K-12.
Provide PEP grant professional development workshops to three different school system physical education teachers K-12 throughout the academic years 2005-present
Presently serve as Director of Monroe City School District PEP grant that includes professional development workshops K-12 and evaluation of district physical education teachers 2005-2008.
Casey, Holly B. EdD in Curriculum & Instruction
Technology cognate), University of Louisiana Monroe
Faculty Associate Professor TRUE Twelve peer-reviewed professional presentations in national, regional, and state venues (2004-2006) Louisiana Type A 047860 Certificate.; areas: English, Speech, Computer Literacy, Computer Science, Academically Gifted, & Supervision of Student Teaching
Church, Tommie M.Ed.
Northeast Louisiana University
Teach undergraduate Kinesiology courses; supervise interns in non-certification concentrations Instructor FALSE LAHPERD served as past Vice President
2006 Dance Division
LAHPERD served as Vice President
2005 Dance Division

Clark, Lynn V. Ph.D., Curriculum and Instruction, Curriculum Studies, Indiana University Bloomington Faculty Assistant Professor TRUE Recent Publications and Presentations
Brown, C.A. & Clark, L.V. Eds. (2006). Learning from NAEP: Professional development materials for teachers of mathematics. Reston, VA: National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.
Clark, Lynn (2007) I d like to teach the world to sing: A musical-analytical exploration of a multicultural teacher education course, with discussants James Banks and Geneva Gay at the American Educational Research Association Annual Conference. Chicago, IL, 2007
Clark, Lynn & Pereira, Maura (2007). An exploratory study in feedback in a blended-delivery virtual foreign language program, American Educational Research Association Annual Conference. Chicago, IL, 2007.
Clark, Lynn & Mayer, Susan (2007). Curriculum in a ThirdSpace: Countering the Culture of Accountability. Curriculum and Pedagogy Annual Conference. Marble Falls, TX, 2007.

PDS School Coordinator (2007-); PK-16 Coordinator (2007-); Gear Up Co-Coordinator (2007-); K-12 Teacher Inservice Charlotte, NC (2007); K-12 Teacher Inservice Ganado AZ (2007); 6-12 Teacher In-service Indianapolis Public Schools (2005-2007)
Clark, Murrelynn M.S. +30 Centenary Instructor, ASK Advisor, Committee Member Assistant Professor TRUE Louisiana Association of Health Physical Education and Recreation
Faculty Adviser for the Association of students in Kinesiology, International Education Council;
Presentation: Louisiana Association of Physical Education Recreation and Dance 10-28-07
CPR at School Training Programming (C.A.S.T.), $14,888.

Five years of high school teaching
Cottingham, Jean Ph.D. in School Psychology, University of Southern Mississippi (USM) Faculty, School Psychology Internship Supervisor Associate Professor FALSE Scholarship
1. Cole, T. W., Lewis, V., Low, J., & Cottingham, B. (April, 2007). Ratings of Physical and Social Attractiveness by SkinTone. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Southwestern Psychological Association in Fort Worth, TX
2. Rankin, G., Lewis, V., Low, J., & Cottingham, B. (April, 2007). Role Model Influences on Career Choice. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Southwestern Psychological Association in Fort Worth, TX.
3. Williams, C., Lewis, V., Keiser, R., & Cottingham, B. (April, 2007). Impact of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder on College Grades. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the Southwestern Psychological Association in Fort Worth, TX.
1. University Committees: Commencement Committee, Council for Teacher Education (2006- 2009), United Way (2007 Drive & 2008 Drive)
2. CEHD Committees: Endowed Professorship Committee, Policies and Procedures and Handbook Revision Committee
School Psychology Internship supervision.
Nationally Certified School Psychologist (NCSP 29951)
Licensed Psychologist (LA license 955)

Coyle, Brad M.Ed.
Health Education
Pennsylvania State University plus 65 hours towards Ed.D. in Health and Human Performance at Oklahoma State University

Faculty Member Instructor FALSE Presentation at NAKPEHE national convention Are There Values Learned by Playing Sports January 2007.
Presented at AAHPERD national convention Activating Connections Between Physical Activity, Self-Esteem, and Fitness April, 2008.

Previously taught junior and senior high school physical education.
LaTAAP Certified Supervisor of Field Experiences K-12
Doherty, Mark PhD, Education Faculty; CEHD Coordinator of Instructional Technology Associate Professor TRUE Research projected accepted on the effect of pod casting as a recruitment tool for national conventions; scheduled for the 2008 AAHPERD Convention, Dallas/FW in April 2008.

Communications/PR chair of the
American Alliance for Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance s Fitness and Wellness Council.

Participating researcher in the state-wide LA Health grant. Presented multiple professional development sessions throughout the state during 2005-2007.

Participating researcher in the state-wide LA Health grant. Presented multiple professional development sessions throughout the state during 2005-2007.

Evaluate teacher candidates in area schools as part of semester-long teacher candidate internships and/or class microteaching experiences.

Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES) certification
Flowers-Gibson, Beverly Ed.D. La Tech Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs & Certification Associate Professor TRUE TEACH Delta Region grant Co-PI
Phi Delta Kappa ULM Chapter President & Foundation Rep
A+PEL ULM student chapter faculty advisor
Educators Showcase Co-Director
18 years teaching experience in P-12 schools
Holland, Glenda Ed.D., Educational
Administration, Texas A&M Commerce
Faculty and associate dean Professor and Administrator TRUE 1. NCATE BOE member,
2. Chair of the Louisiana Education Consortium (LEC) Governing Board, which oversees doctoral programs in Educational Leadership and Curriculum and Instruction
3. Holland, G., Sanders, P., & Flowers-Gibson, B. (2007, February). Impact of adjunct/ part-time faculty on NCATE standards compliance. Paper presented at the annual meeting of the American
Association of Colleges of Teacher Education, New York.

Clinical supervision of educational leadership interns. Certified elementary ed. K-8 Math
Lewis, Veronica Ph.D. in School Psychology, University of Southern Mississippi Faculty Member Professor TRUE 1. Feinberg, T., Lewis, V., & Williams, B. (2005). Ethical issues regarding behavior
management in the schools. In M. Hersen, G. Sugai, & R. Horner (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Behavior Modification and Cognitive Behavior Therapy: Vol. 3. Educational implications. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.
2. Cole, T, Lewis, V, Cottingham, J, & Low, J (April 2007). Ratings of physical and social attractiveness by skin tone. Poster presented at the annual meeting of the Southwestern Psychological Association in Fort Worth, TX.
3. Williams, C, Lewis, V, & Cottingham, J (April 2007). Impact of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder on college grades. Poster presented at the annual meeting of the Southwestern Psychological Association in Fort Worth, TX.

Arranged ULM campus visit for 27 youth and their advocates during April and June, 2007. Students attended selected classes for 1 day.

Career Development Center (Alternative Education Program), Monroe, LA Motivational speaker for program participants. (May, 2007)
Low, Jean M. PhD faculty Associate Professor TRUE Low, Jean, & Decker, Jennifer R. (2006). Health Identity and Health Behavior in College Students. Poster session presented at the 52nd Annual Convention of the Southwestern Psychological Association. Austin, TX.

Low, Jean M., Akande, Debo, & Hill, Catherine (2005). A cross cultural comparison of identity development: South Africa and the United States. Identity: An International Journal of Theory and Research, 5(4), 303-314
Low, J.M., Williamson, D., and Cottingham, B.J. (2004). Predictors of University Student Lawbreaking Behaviors: Journal of College Student Development, 45(5), 535-548.

Newman, Pamela P. EdD Counselor Education & Student Personnel, Mississippi State University, 1977 Professor, Counseling;
Department Head, ELC
Professor TRUE Project Director, Katrina Block Grant 1.7mil, 2006-07;
Project Director, Katrina State Grant Funds, 5.1mil, 2007-2010;
President, Collaborative Group of NE LA, 2007-09;
National Service Award, US Office of Education, Safe & Drug Free Schools, 2007
Clinical supervisor COUN 670 Internship
Consultant, Superintendent/School Boards in 3 parishes
Teacher, Family & Consumer Science
Asst.Project Director, Bureau of Education for the Handicapped, STEP Grant
Superintendent s Cabinet, Director of Counseling & Career Education
Powell, Sherlyn Ezell Ed.D in Special Education , University of Alabama Faculty, clinical supervisor Associate Professor TRUE Powell, S. (2007). Positive Behavioral Supports, S & S Powell Publishing Co.

Powell, S. (2006). Passing Praxis: PLT A Comprehensive Study Guide Complete with Explicit Strategies. S & S Powell Publishing Co.

Powell, S. (2006). Continuous Improvement and Focused Monitoring
Process (CIFMP) Manual for Division of Educational Improvement and Assistance (DEIA) Louisiana Department of Education (LDE).

Stanley, S., Powell, S., Ezell, D., Klein, C. (2004). Improving Self Esteem of Students with Cognitive Disabilities. Research presented at the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC) 11th International Conference of Division on Developmental Disabilities (DDD), Las Vegas, Nevada.

Louisiana Department of Education Team Leader for Division of Special Populations Continuous Monitoring (1999-present).

Louisiana Board of Examiners (LBOE) for the Louisiana Standards partnership with National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) (2000-present).

Louisiana Department
Two years Elementary Education (Grades 1-8)

Eight years Special Education (Kindergarten through grade 12) Mild/Moderate
Generic: Learning Disabilities, Mental Retardation, Behavior Disorders

Three years Educational Diagnostician (Pre-School through grade 12)

Pryor, Charles V. Ed.D. Counselor EducationNorthern Illinois University Assoc. Prof, Counseling & Department Head Assoc. Prof. TRUE Service on Graduate Council, University Strategic Planning Steering Committee, CEHD Graduate Appeals Field Supervision of Ed. Leadership Interns K-12
Pugh, Ava Doctor of Education,
Education, Mississippi State University
Professional Coursework, Clinical Supervision Professor TRUE Presented numerous workshops at the annual conferences of the Louisiana Association of Teachers of Mathematics. Louisiana Council for the Social Studies, National Science Teachers Association,
Published several papers in the conference proceedings of the Mid-South Educational Research Association. Two proposals accepted for the International Convention on Education. Invited last year to present papers at the University of Oxford Round Table in Oxford, England.
4 years as an elementary teacher, 1 year as acting assistant principal, 30 years as a college professor (21 years as Coordinator of Elementary Education and 12 years as Coordinator of Professional Block, as well as a clinical supervisor of student teachers, interns, and pre service teachers.
Rice, George PhD in Educational Administration, The University of Mississippi Faculty, Educational Leadership Professor TRUE Scholarship: In-depth inquiry into ISLLC Standards area of Dispositions and the relationship to Franklian Psychology s Noetic Dimension
Leadership: Active member of the Monroe Little Theatre, In Kind External Evaluator and Staff Developer for the Vicksburg Good Shepard Community Center s Even Start Program
Contributions: 1. Board Member and Chair of the Education and Credentialing Committee, Viktor Frankl International Institute of Logotherapy, 2. Evaluation of Madison Middle School s Instructional Program, 3. August 2005. Religion, education, and politics. Panel Discussion at the Oxford Roundtable, Oxford, England.
Certification: Superintendent, Principal (Arkansas, Mississippi) Secondary English and Social Studies (Arkansas)
Grade Levels Pre K-12, All Disciplines.
Provided Approximately 80 job-embedded technical support
Professional Development Sessions to 31 different Pre K-12 schools.
Ricks, Beth PhD in Curriculum and Instruction, Specialization in Reading and Children s /Young Adult Literature, Arizona State University Faculty Assistant professor TRUE 1. Louisiana Senator ALAN (NCTE Affiliate)
2. Co-Chair (Elementary) and Chair (Secondary) Writing and submitting of Reading Competencies Alignment Report for BESE
3. Evaluator of Reading program for Madison Parish School District
1. Coordinator for Elementary Professional Reading Block II (grades 3-6) and Secondary Professional Reading Block (grades 6-12)
2. Supervisor for student teachers and interns (grades 1-12)
Schween, Dorothy C. Ed.D. Curriculum and Instruction
Louisiana Education Consortium
PK-16+ Coordinator Associate Professor TRUE 1. Development of Assessment, a three-part online interactive training module posted on the TeachLousiana website as an opportunity for Louisiana teachers to earn professional development credit.
2. Serving as ULM Faculty Senate President 2006-2007.
3. Three presentations accepted for AACTE 2007, one of which was: Schween, D., Sivakumaran, T., (2007): Digital Dilemma: Faculty Roles in Data Collection. Paper presented at the American Association for Colleges of Teacher Education (AACTE) New York, NY.
18 Years in schools in Dallas, TX and Monroe, LA working with students with disabilities ages 3-16. One year as IEP Monitor for Monroe City Schools Office of Special Education Services
Sivakumaran, Thillainatarajan Ph.D, Instructional Technology, University of Tennessee Assistant Dean, NCTM Coordinator, Secondary Ed. Professor Assistant Professor TRUE Sivakumaran, T., Holland, G. (Awarded October 2006). E-Portfolios: Teaching with Emerging Technology (E-Portfolios: Teach Etech). ($81,110.20)
Wilhelm, L., Puckett, K., Beisser, S., Merideth, E., Sivakumaran, T., Wishart, W., Lessons Learned from the Implementation of Electronic Portfolios at Three Universities. TechTrends, July/August, 2006.
Sivakumaran, T., Holland, G., Schween, D., Boyd, M., Miles, D., (2007): Pre-Service Teachers Understanding of Standards-Based Assessment. MAKING AN IMPACT: Best Practices to Enhance Achievement, Assessment, and Accountability for P-12 Learning, Atlanta, GA.
2000-2001 Fulton High School Knoxville, TN, Taught chemistry and physical science grades 9-12
Stringer, Gary L. Ph. D. Geology Science Education, University of Southern Mississippi
Faculty and Head, Department of Geosciences Professor TRUE Scholarship-published in several major international and national science journals including the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology and American Antiquity and have presented at 18 international and national meetings. Leadership-Executive Council for the Louisiana Academy of Sciences. Service-Served as a reviewer for ten different scientific journals in Europe. Have done over 40 presentations at elementary schools on science topics in last three years. Also worked with LA GEAR UP through ULM Museum of Natural History.

Thomas, Luke Ph.D.
Health & Physical Education (Exercise Science emphasis)
Faculty Professor TRUE Dean, Education & Human Development, ULM, 2003-07.

Thomas, L. (September, 2006). Redesign: The Never Ending Story. New Mexico State University Southern Education Summit. Las Cruces, NM.

Co-investigator, La Health Grant,

As a Co-investigator for the La Health Grant I trained K-12 teachers how to incorporate health & fitness into their math and science lessons.
Washington, Jerrilene Doctor of Education,
Johns Hopkins University
Professional Coursework, Clinical Supervision Associate Professor TRUE Presented numerous workshops at the annual conferences of the Louisiana Association of Teachers of Mathematics.
Published several papers in the conference proceedings of the Mid-South Educational Research Association.
For two years, invited to present papers at the University of Oxford Round Table in Oxford, England.
15 years as an elementary/junior high school teacher, 8 years as a supervisor of instruction for a school system, and 10 years as a clinical supervisor of student teachers and teachers.
Williams, Corletta G. M. Ed. in Educational Leadership Director of Educational Research: Instructor Instructor FALSE State Board of Directors, Associated Professional Educators of Louisiana;
The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, Outstanding Graduate Student, 2007; Kappa Delta Pi International Honor Society in Education
15 years in K-12
Williamson, Robert W. M.Ed. Health and Human Performance, NLU Faculty Instructor FALSE National Athletic Trainers Association; Louisiana Athletic Trainers Association