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ULM students present research at Louisiana Collegiate Honors Council

Published March 29, 2016

MONROE, La. — Students from the University of Louisiana Monroe Honors Program recently attended the annual meeting of the Louisiana Collegiate Honors Council (LCHC) hosted by Grambling State University.

Six students presented research; one student served on a panel discussion.

Rachael Maddox, an English major from Rayville; Lara Crawford, a biology major from Shreveport; Shelby Russell, an English major from West Monroe; Lucas McHan, a mathematics major from Haughton; Kady Coulon, an English major from West Monroe; and Cameron Irby, and English major from Oak Grove, presented papers based on research conducted at ULM.

“I am extremely proud of how well-represented and how well-prepared ULM students were at LCHC,” said Dr. Joshua Stockley, director of the ULM Honors Program. “ULM had more student presentations than any other institution, which speaks volumes about the amount of collaboration between professors and honors students and the quality of research being conducted by students in the ULM Honors Program.”


Reanna Roberts represented ULM on a panel entitled, “Building Community in Honors,” in which she shared various community-building strategies implemented by the ULM Honors Program. “I thought this weekend was a great way to connect with other honors programs and students throughout the state,” stated Roberts. “We exchanged ideas on how to make our programs better and more approachable to other students.”

Attending the conference were honors students from colleges and universities across Louisiana. In all, 36 students represented ULM, making ULM one of the two largest delegations at the conference. Six students presented research, more than any other institution.

“The conference was a tremendous opportunity to create professional relationships and share research with peers who are also researching unique topics,” said Maddox, who serves as the president of the ULM Honors Program Student Council. “I think that the experience of presenting personal and professional work to an audience of like-minded students and professors is invaluable to student growth, and I am very privileged to be involved in an organization that gives me that experience.” Maddox’s paper, “Netflix Narrative: The Spread of Serial Storytelling,” discussed the role and the future of the serial narrative in modern entertainment.

Russell’s paper, “Divorcing Reality: Stories of Humor and Heartbreak,” featured two short stories from her personal collection and an inside look at the writing process.

Crawford’s paper, “An Investigation of the Effects of SOCS36E Knockout on the High Sugar Diet-Induced Obesity Phenotype of Drosophila melanogaster,” discussed the findings of an experiment in which flies were exposed to a high sugar diet in effort to understand the underlying molecular mechanisms that contribute to obesity.

Irby’s presentation, “Teaching Electronic Literature: An Argument for a New Literary Medium,” revealed a prototype university course he created that that focused on new media, such as video games, interactive fiction, and e-poetry.

McHan’s paper, “Modeling Tournaments through Functions,” reported the results of a project to develop a well-defined, explicit function to determine the exact tournament round in which 2 “teams” would meet in a single-elimination, seeded tournament.

Coulon’s paper, “Origins and Social Ramifications of Satanic Figures: A Study of Archetypal Evil in Mythology,” discussed the role of evil figures in mythology as a fear mechanism and as a symbol of the destructive qualities of human nature.

“It says something about the commitment, support, and loyalty of the ULM Honors Program that we had so many students attending this meeting,” said Whittney Plunkett.

The ULM Honors Program also competed in a quiz bowl competition. “It was a fun experience and I really enjoyed working with my peers to put our team in a position to compete,” said Connor Dixon, captain of ULM’s quiz bowl team. “We may not have made it into the finals, but we had a great time.”

Also representing ULM on the quiz bowl team was Armand Arcilla, Chelsea Bock, Cory Atkinson, and Camille Labatut.  

The Louisiana Collegiate Honors Council is an association of honors program directors and students from universities and colleges across the state. Students present papers and posters showcasing their own work and research, discuss specific issues related to the furtherance of successful honors programs, and compete in the Quiz Bowl competition.