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The School of Pharmacy requires all students to have a laptop during their enrollment in the professional program.  Students may purchase any brand laptop and any specifications they wish. Student are also required to purchase a laptop privacy filter.   However, we have developed some guidelines for specifications that would take you through your professional program.

Please note:  It is the responsibility of the student to backup their system, print their notes, and have technical service for their computer.  The technical support area of the School of Pharmacy is available for connectivity issues relating to our wireless network.  However, they are not allowed to provide in-depth technical support for student computers. 

Required Computer Components:

Suggested Computer Specifications:

(NOTE:  These are recommendations ONLY, they are not requirements.  You may use any laptop to you currently have.)


For questions, please contact

Greg Andrews
Information Technology Specialist
Phone:  318-342-3418
Email:  gandrews@ulm.edu


Marcia Wells
Technology Manager
Phone: 318-342-1716
Email:  mwells@ulm.edu