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Planning for the Application Process

If you are currently a ULM student, please meet with an advisor in the Student Success Center to plan your semester coursework and application timeline.  Be sure to evaluate the application pre-requisites often and pay close attention to the application rules and minimum requirements as your application process begins.

If you are a transfer student from a Louisiana institution or out-of-state college/university, please note that equivalent courses may not be available at your current place of enrollment.  In order to receive equivalent credit at such an institution, you must provide the following information electronically to Mrs. Mary Caldwell, caldwell@ulm.edu:

  1. A letter detailing the specific equivalency requested.  Be sure to include a specific course to course request.  (Ex. Biology 2051 at LSU Baton Rouge for Biology 2014 and 2015 at ULM)
  2. A copy of your transcript from EACH university or college you have attended to ensure that proper course equivalency credit is granted.

These materials will be evaluated by the Office of Student and Professional Affairs within the School of Pharmacy.  Confirmation or denial of your request will be sent to you via electronic mail.  Submission of a request does not guarantee acceptance of an equivalency.

Application Process

Step 1:   Evaluate Selection Criteria

Enrollment in the School of Pharmacy is limited and competitive.  Applicants are considered on the basis of performance on the Pharmacy College Admissions Test (PCAT), personal interviews, and their academic transcripts.  Below are criteria for your consideration:

  1. Completion of the pre-pharmacy requirements with no grade less than "C";
  2. A pre-requisite, cumulative, and math/science grade-point average of at least 2.75 (uncorrected, based on a 4.0 system) in all previous coursework undertaken, exclusive of developmental courses, whether passed or failed at all institutions of attendance;
  3. A PCAT composite score that is competitive with the applicant pool.

Please note: 

Step 2:  Complete the Required Applications by February 1, 2016

  1. Completion of the PharmCAS application and fee ($150 + $40 per each additional school selected after the first)
  2. Completion of the ULM Undergraduate Admissions process and fee ($25)
    • If you are currently a ULM student, you do NOT have to complete this application.
    • If you are NOT a ULM student, complete the following:
      • Undergraduate Transfer application for admission
      • List Pre-Pharmacy as your major
      • DO NOT complete the graduate application
  3. Completion of the School of Pharmacy Supplemental Application and fee ($50)

Step 3:  What to do after you apply

After submitting all necessary applications listed above, check with PharmCAS. 

  1. Make sure all transcripts have been received by them.  All transcripts must be submitted, even if you only took one course at another institution.  PharmCAS will not submit your application until all official transcripts are received.  Official transcripts must be received by PharmCAS before the application deadline.  We recommend submitting transcripts and applying early to ensure that all required materials meet the deadline.
  2. All application status information will be communicated through your PharmCAS account.  Please check your PharmCAS account for your current application status.  We will be using email as the primary means of communication with you.  We will let you know via email when we have received your electronic application once it has been verified by PharmCAS.  We will also communicate any and all admissions related information to you using the contact information you have provided. 
  3. Please make sure your email account will receive emails from caldwell@ulm.edu and cannon@ulm.edu.  You may consider placing this address in your Address Book to prevent important emails from being filtered accidentally.  Also, please provide a mobile number contact, if available, in your PharmCAS application as we may need to reach you quickly.

Contact us if:

  • Your contact information has changed.
  • An error in your transcripts or reported grades has been corrected.
  • You want to withdraw your application.

Be sure to include your full legal name, PharmCAS ID number and effective date of change.

Contact Information

Dr. David Caldwell Dr. David Caldwell, Director of Professional Affairs
School of Pharmacy
Office of Student and Professional Affairs
1800 Bienville Dr.
Monroe, LA  71201
Phone:  318-342-3800
Fax:  318-342-3802
Email:  dcaldwell@ulm.edu
Mary Caldwell Mary L. Caldwell, M.Ed., NCC, LPC-S
Director of Student Affairs
School of Pharmacy
Office of Student and Professional Affairs
1800 Bienville Dr.
Monroe, LA  71201
Phone:  318-342-3800
Fax:  318-342-3802
Email:  caldwell@ulm.edu