Vehicle Registration

General Information

The operation of a motor vehicle on the University of Louisiana Monroe campus is a privilege awarded to Faculty/Staff and Students. Faculty/Staff and Students should familiarize themselves with this policy. 

Please refer to the Campus Parking Map for specific lot designations and the permit requirements of each lot. The Baptist Collegiate Ministry, Catholic Campus Ministry, and Wesley Foundation are private lots and by parking on these private lots you are subjecting your vehicle to impoundment.

All faculty, staff, students and contractors/vendors/construction employees, who operate vehicles on the University of Louisiana Monroe campus must register their vehicles and properly affix an official university vehicle registration permit within 24 hours of receiving a permit. Vehicles may not be registered for another person. Any official university vehicle is exempt from having to display a parking decal. A vehicle registration permit authorizes persons to park in the zones to which they are entitled only if space is available. A parking space is not guaranteed in those zones. Overflow lots are located south of the paved lot across from the Liew Family International Student Center west of McGuire Avenue or east of Warhawk Way.

Registration Fees/Permits

Student vehicle registration fees are $100 for fall semester/year, $60 for spring semester and $30 for summer session. NO refunds are made on parking decals. Registration online is one month prior to the start of the semester. Vehicle permits can be paid online prior to receiving the decal or fed to the individuals BANNER account at the time of receiving the decal. Replacement decals for lost, stolen, or the sale of a vehicle without removing the permit are $10.

Vehicle registration is completed at the University Police office located at 3811 Desiard Street, except during fall registration is located in the Student Union Building or the Activity Center. Faculty/Staff and Students must bring a current driver’s license, Campus Wide Identification number (CWID is a Faculty/Staff/Student ID number), or vehicle registration to register the vehicle.

Registration Information

All vehicles acquired during any given semester and after the end of the regular academic period must be registered at the University Police office before they may be operated on campus. If a student drives more than one car to campus, the second vehicle must have a temporary hang tag displayed issued to the student and not expired. If a Faculty/Staff member drives more than one car to campus, the second vehicle must be registered with the ULM Parking Office and have a temporary hang tag displayed.

Vehicles operated on campus are required to adhere to university parking and traffic regulations. University police officers may immobilize any vehicle receiving four citations for violations of university parking regulations. Immobilization and/or towing may take place on subsequent violations. Any vehicle which cannot be immobilized may be towed. Immobilized vehicles not claimed within 72 hours excluding weekends/holidays may be towed. The University Parking Office will allow an extension for towing a vehicle not to exceed 7 business days excluding weekends/holidays from the time of immobilization, if the Parking Supervisor has been contacted by the owner/driver. Vehicles are towed at the owner's expense. Current outstanding fines are to be paid before the vehicle is released back to the owner. Any other outstanding fines will be charged to the violators' account for collection. Those who continue to violate the regulations after this point may be subject to disciplinary action, revocation of parking privileges, and towing of his or her vehicle at his or her expense.

Motorcycles are to be parked in the motorcycle parking zones only. Motorcycles are not required to register at this time if parked in a designated motorcycle parking area. Faculty/Staff or Students with a vehicle, who plan to use a motorcycle, should register the vehicle only.

Students/faculty/staff are responsible for all vehicles operated on campus whether or not registered with the University Police. Vehicles registered to a Faculty/Staff /Students address are the responsibility of that person. In case of emergency, you may obtain temporary permits at the University Police Department 24/7.

All permits are the property of University of Louisiana Monroe and Faculty/Staff must turn in hang tags upon resignation or termination.