Parking Zones



All Parking zones are subject to be enforced 24 hours a day. Resident & Reserved parking is enforced 24 hours a day. All vehicles parking on Campus must have a permit or a visitor's pass. Student's can park in Faculty/Staff zones between the hours of 5 p.m. to 7 a.m. The Strauss Hall parking lot has the President, Executive VP, VP's of Student/Academic Affairs, Chief Business Officer, and more Reserved parking spaces for Staff. If you park in one these Reserved parking spaces, a ticket will be issued. The hours of restricted parking are from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. for Faculty/Staff and Students to park in their designated zones. The borders around the Parking Permits have a designated color to match the Campus Parking Map.  



Curbs and stripes that are painted maroon designate parking zones that are reserved for faculty and staff. Faculty and staff registered vehicles used by student dependents are to be parked only in authorized student parking. Some faculty/ staff parking spaces my be marked with a reserved number. Only persons assigned to these designated numbers are authorized to park in these areas. Reserved spaces are enforced 24 hours a day.



Curbs and stripes that are painted white designate parking for commuter students unless otherwise denoted by a posted sign or placard. These parking areas are located throughout the campus and include gravel lots.



Curbs that are painted gray are designated for west resident students. Resident students may also park in their designated dormitory lots either Zone M (east of Bayou DeSiard) or Zone W (west of Bayou DeSiard). Resident students can also park in the over flow lots on the east side of campus (Fant-Ewing, Malone Stadium).



Curbs that are painted green are designated as limited parking areas (ie. Starbucks Parking). When parking in these limited parking areas, pay attention to the time the vehicle is allowed to remain in the space. Bookstore parking is currently marked with signs only due to them being in a temporary location.



Blue curbs and stripes are for handicap parking and is designated at specific locations on campus. Each space is marked for handicap parking, and each of these spaces are reserved for those persons requiring the use of a wheel chair. Other handicap persons not requiring the use of a wheel chair are encouraged to park in spaces other than those marked handicapped.



Curbs or areas marked in yellow indicate no parking zones. Parking in these areas will result in a citation being issued.



Spaces marked with "Health Sciences Clinic Parking Only" signs are designated for clients visiting the Kitty DeGree Speech and Hearing Center and/or the Dental Hygiene Clinic. Faculty, Staff, Students, and Clinic Workers are not eligible to utilize these spaces while visiting either clinic even if they are a patient. These spaces are reserved for clients who are not affiliated with the University. All other individuals must park in their designated area while visiting the clinic.



All visitors to the ULM campus must report to the university police in order to obtain a temporary parking pass or be subject to being issued a parking citation. Visitors may use any available parking area except those marked as reserved or handicap parking spaces. However, visitors using ULM registered vehicles must use only those parking areas in which the vehicle is authorized to park. Visitors with dependents who are students must turn in any ticket they receive to the University Police Dept. on the day they receive the citation. Otherwise, the student will be charged any citations that are traced to a family vehicle.



Motorcycles may park in any area designated as motorcycle parking without a permit. If a rider wishes to park in a regular student or faculty parking space, he/she must obtain and display a parking permit or be subject to being ticketed.




Parking Locations

  • Bike racks are located near almost every building throughout campus.


  • It is important to park only in bicycle racks.
  • Illegally parked bikes obstruct walkways and present serious hazards for people who use wheelchairs, canes, walkers, or who have other mobility or visual difficulties. Please don’t park your bike in the line of travel to stairs, ramps, doorways, and automatic door-buttons.
  • Bikes locked to trees can cause serious damage to or even kill a tree. Please help keep the campus beautiful by not locking your bike to trees or shrubs.
  • Illegally parked bikes are subject to impoundment. ($50.00 fine for improper parking) Bike racks are not intended as long-term storage areas. Bicycles must be in working order in order to use the bicycle racks.
  • Bicycles must be secured to a bicycle rack using a locking mechanism. U-shape locks are among the most theft-resistant, although knowledgeable thieves can break even them.

*The University of Louisiana at Monroe is not responsible for replacing locks, chains, etc. that have to be cut in order to impound a bicycle.



In addition, please note that:

  • The 20/15 minute limit parking signs for the Bookstore/Starbucks will be enforced
  • The Warhawk circle near the SUB is a no parking zone
  • Parking on the grass is prohibited
  • Students running errands for faculty/staff may not park in a faculty/staff area


  • If an area is not painted, assume it is no parking