Campus Policy


University Housing
The University Police Department works in conjunction with the University of Louisiana at Monroe Housing Office to enhance existing programs and procedures and to develop new concepts to promote the greatest possible safety and security of the residence halls and their residents. Educational programs emphasizing security and self-protection are provided by University Housing and the University Police Department on a year-round basis and part of the residence hall orientation procedures.
Every effort is made to ensure that all residence halls are free from uninvited persons. Residents are encouraged to take an active part in ensuring strangers are reported to the appropriate authorities and that the security of doors and windows are maintained at all times. Hall staff and residents are encouraged to challenge strangers in the residence Halls and to report incidents immediately. 
Visitation hours vary for each of the residence halls at the University. After visitation hours, University Police Department personnel check all access doors on closed corridor halls at least twice between midnight and 7 a.m. each day. Outer corridor residence halls are routinely patrolled by University Police personnel after visiting hours. 
Alcoholic Beverages
The University of Louisiana at Monroe seeks to encourage and sustain an academic environment that respects individual freedom and promotes the health, safety, and welfare of all members of its community. In keeping with these policies, the University generally permits the legal consumption of alcoholic beverages, in accordance with state law, at registered Alumni Center events. 
The sale of alcoholic beverages (including beer, light wine, liquor, and other beverages containing alcohol) on campus is strictly prohibited and is a violation of University regulations. Under age possession and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages is not permitted on property owned or controlled by the University. Intentionally or knowingly providing alcoholic beverages to a person under the age of 21, or to persons obviously intoxicated, is not permitted or approved on property owned or controlled by the University. 
Dangerous Weapons
The University of Louisiana at Monroe does not permit the possession of, display of, or attempt or threat to use firearms, ammunition, explosives, fireworks, or other dangerous weapons, substances, or materials of any kind on University property or at any University approved activity. Students found in violation of the standards of conduct regarding firearms will be sanctioned by the appropriate authority with one or more of the following penalties from the University: temporary suspension, suspension, dismissal, expulsion, administrative charge or payment of monetary fine.
The University Police will arrest any student who discharges a firearm on campus and prosecute them through the 4th Judicial District Court. Students who desire firearms for recreational purposes should check them in at University Police for storage. These firearms may be checked out at any time for proper off campus use.
Drug and Alcohol Abuse Education
The University of Louisiana at Monroe assist students in finding alternatives to alcoholic beverages for promoting social interaction and stress reduction. ULM also provides services for students who experience alcohol-related difficulties. 
For students with substance abuse problems or concerns, assistance is available through the ULM Counseling Center. Experienced professional counselors offer support for students in an atmosphere of understanding and confidentiality. The Counseling Center offers individual assessment and referral to both on and off campus resources. 
Faculty and staff counseling is available through the ULM Employee Assistance Program. 
Any one aware of substance abuse problems that exists with friends, roommates, classmates, University personnel or family members, is encouraged to consult a counselor at the Counseling Center. Remaining silent or waiting until the situation is out of control is neither respectful nor responsible. 
Relations With Other Law Enforcement Agencies
The Police Department at the University of Louisiana at Monroe enjoys an excellent working relationship with the Monroe Police Department, the Ouachita Parish Sheriff's Department, the West Monroe Police Department, and the Monroe City Marshals Office. Personnel and resources are provided by these law enforcement agencies whenever an incident occurs that exceeds the capabilities of the University of Louisiana at Monroe Police Department.