Ticket Appeals


Upon receiving a parking violation and you feel that the citation was issued in error, you must appeal within seven days. Parking appeals are now managed through the Banner system.

Instructions for the Appeal

  1. Please login to BANNER, then click the 'Employee'/'Student' tab (Notify ULM Police if the BANNER link is down)
  2. Click on "Parking Permit/Citations" 
  3. Select Term (Ex: Fall, Spring, or Summer) or enter the information requested on the Disclaimer page 
  4. Click on "Outstanding ULM Parking Citations"
  5. Select the Circle next to the left of the ticket Number/Enter your comments/then Submit Appeal. 

       Note: Banner has a security feature, if you need more than 10 minutes to type in your Appeal. Open a program like Word/Notepad to type in your Appeal comments and then copy/paste them into the Appeals comments box. Please keep words at 399 or less until the word count is back at 2,000. (3/25/2015)  

General Information

If you believe your citation was issued in error, you have the option to appeal to Parking Operations within seven (7) days from the date the citation was issued. Before filing an appeal, please note that a parking permit is not a guarantee of a parking space, just as the lack of a space does not justify a parking violation. Additionally, any student, faculty or staff member must register their vehicle to drive or park on university property, with the permit displayed according to the parking regulations in order to avoid a citation.

Grounds for Appeal

Appeals may be granted for two reasons:
  • There is evidence that you did not commit the violation for which the citation was issued; or:
  • You may have committed the violation, but circumstances were not under your control; and:
    • prior to being issued the citation, you made some demonstrable attempt to notify University Police of the situation; or:
    • you can produce written verification form a source who was a party to the situation establishing that the situation was so unusual it cannot reasonably occur again.

Examples of Invalid Grounds for Appeal

  • Lack of knowledge of the regulations
  • Signs are not needed to enforce all regulations
  • Forgetfulness
  • Inclement weather or time of day
  • Tardiness
  • Citation was removed from vehicle. If you violate parking regulations, you should assume you were cited.
  • Parking for a short period
  • Parking in a fire lane for any length of time (no matter how brief)
  • Inability to find an authorized parking space
  • Having the wrong permit for the space used
  • Failure to obtain a temporary permit
  • Failure to notice parking signs
  • Failure to display a parking permit
  • Failure to be cited previously for the same violation
  • Other vehicles were parked improperly and not cited
  • Vehicle was parked by someone else
  • Disagreement with, or inability to pay, the fines

Submitting an Appeal


Appeals may be submitted online, by mail, or in person at the University Police Department. Be sure to do so within seven (7) days from the date the citation was issued.


Use link at top of page





University Police (Must be postmarked by seventh day)

3811 DeSiard St.

Monroe, LA 71203


To submit an appeal, you will need to provide:

  • Your full name and mailing address
  • CWID number (ULM students and employees) if applicable
  • Reason(s) for appeal
  • Citation number and date issued
  • License plate number, including the state in which the vehicle is registered

Appeal Tips

  • Describe the facts of the matter including: when, where, how, and/or why the incident occurred.
  • If extenuating circumstances are presented as cause for appeal, supporting documentation should be included (e.g., accident reports, medical records, auto repair bills).
  • Enclose a photograph, map or diagram of the parking space in question if you believe it will help the Appeals Committee understand the basis of your appeal.
  • Explain how your action did not constitute a violation by applying the parking regulation in question to the facts you have discussed.


About the Appeals Committee

The Parking Appeals Committee (PAC) was established by the University of Louisiana at Monroe to provide parking patrons with an avenue for appeal. The Committee members, consisting of faculty and staff, are appointed by the executive vice-president, meet once per month and consider written appeals for waiving penalties.

Appeals Committee Process

When an appellant submits an appeal, the citation in question is marked to show it is on appeal. This annotation may prevent the appellant from being billed until the Parking Appeals Committee reaches a decision. If the appeal is made after 7 days from the date of citation issue, the customer may receive a bill or charge on their banner account.

When the committee reaches a decision, the appellant will be informed by postal mail or email (depending on their method of appeal submission). The decision of the Committee is final, and a violation may not be re-appealed unless significant new evidence or proof is submitted.

Appeals Committee Guidelines

The Parking Appeals Committee (PAC) uses the following guidelines to reach a decision*:

  • When you become a student or accept a position with ULM, you agree to abide by the rules and regulations established by the university.
  • Your past parking record will be a factor in the decision.
  • Ignorance of the parking regulations is not an excuse. Understanding parking regulations is considered to be the responsibility of a motorized vehicle driver.
  • A parking permit is not a guarantee of a space. Not only is the driver responsible for finding an authorized space, but the lack thereof does not justify a parking violation.
  • The registered owner of the vehicle is ultimately responsible for the citation(s), regardless of who is driving the vehicle at the time of the violation.

Possible Appeal Outcomes


If your citation is excused, the parking fine has been waived and you will no longer be held accountable. If the violation was paid in advance, a refund will be issued.


If your appeal has been denied, this means that the Parking Appeals Committee considers you responsible for the fine and expects you to pay the entire parking violation fine.