Visitor Info



Visitors using ULM registered vehicles must use only those parking areas in which the vehicle is authorized to park. All other visitors must register their vehicle with University Police prior to parking on campus. Any citation that is traced to a family vehicle will be charged to the student/faculty/staff's account.
Members of local media outlets are allowed to park in any available student or faculty/staff parking space without permit as long as they are in a marked media vehicle. Parking in reserved, handicap, or no parking zones is not allowed at any time, and the violator is subject to receive a parking ticket, State citation, and/or vehicle immobilizer. Members of the media who visit the campus in an unmarked vehicle must stop by the University Police Department to obtain a temporary parking permit.
If the ULM Police Department can be of service in any way during your visit with us, please contact us at 318-342-5350.