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Dr. Nick J. Bruno, President
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April 5, 2012

Dr. Nick J. BrunoA message to ULM faculty and staff from ULM President Nick J. Bruno

Dear Colleagues,

One of my major goals at our university is to improve the efficiency of our operations. As with every higher education institution in Louisiana, our financial resources are limited. This forces us to prepare and plan for an efficient, useful, and highly sustainable campus. Our employees and our students deserve nothing less.

I formed the Campus Facilities Master Planning Steering Committee, comprised of ULM faculty, staff, as well as a representative from the State Office of Facility Planning and Control.

Committee members include: Paul Karlowitz, Keith Parker, Chris Ringo (Staff Senate representative), Phil Shaw, Larry Ellerman, Camile Currier, Steve Betts, Justin Roy, Bruce Walker (Faculty Senate representative) and Jason Roubique.

We also hired a joint venture of two Louisiana-based firms—Ashe, Broussard, Weinzettle from Alexandria, and Eskew, Dumez, Ripple from New Orleans—to develop one unified campus facilities master plan for the university. We have approximately $350,000 in state capital outlay to fund the creation of this plan.

It is my hope that the proposal will increase efficiencies related to time, money and location. That plan will most likely include recommendations for the physical relocation of some departments to maximize accessibility to the university and external communities. The campus facilities master planning effort will also includes an analysis of vehicular and pedestrian traffic and recommendations to improve accessibility of campus facilities.

The proposal also will incorporate the prioritization of future infrastructure improvement projects and an analysis of existing infrastructures.

The master plan document, which should be completed by March 2013, will be created based on information gathered in three phases. In the first phase—acquisition and facilities assessment—the firm will gather information about the conditions of ULM’s facilities and how those facilities are utilized.

The firm will interview and seek input from department heads and personnel from each entity on campus.

In the second phase—analysis and preliminary plan components—the firm will work with the steering committee in examining where various departments should be housed, based on variables such as enrollment trends. The steering committee also will seek input from the community for the master planning process.

In the final phase—master plan, design standards, and cost development—the firm will present a draft of the master plan to the steering committee and will begin to assemble some budget estimates for the proposed moves and capital improvements.

I would also like to share with you some renovation plans already in existence—plans that are separate from the upcoming master plan. Sandel Hall, which will undergo renovation in early 2013, will be an example of a more efficient operation. The renovations to Sandel will accommodate several departments and offices that are integral to students beginning their academic careers at ULM. Sandel will be a “one-stop-shop” for students, and will have the offices of recruitment and admissions, financial aid, testing, bookstore, registrar and other student services. 

The Chemistry and Natural Sciences Building will receive a major HVAC upgrade beginning around July 1. Our popular Museum of Natural History will be relocated to the first two floors of a renovated Hanna Hall.

Several of our residence halls will also receive facelifts. In Madison Hall, we will resurface the parking lot and install bathroom locks and an emergency intercom system.

In Masur Hall, we will make door, staircase, and guard rail improvements, resurface the parking lot, and improve the landscaping.

My goal is that ULM has the most efficient, effective, and attractive facilities of any university in the state.

I hope all of you have an enjoyable spring break.


Nick J. Bruno, Ph.D.