The University of Louisiana at Monroe

President's Safety Policy Statement

January 1, 2011

The University of Louisiana at Monroe is committed to providing the University community with a safe and healthful academic and work environment. In service to this goal, the University has implemented an Environmental Health and Safety Program outlined in this manual. This safety program is designed to provide a safe and healthy working, teaching, and learning environment while promoting an atmosphere of safety and health awareness.

It is my responsibility as University President to promote the safety of the University community; it is the responsibility of all employees and students to work as a team in the implementation of the University Safety Program. Each member of the University community should participate in the Safety Program by encouraging the development and cultivation of attitudes that are conducive to a safe environment. Individuals are responsible for their own safety and for promoting a safe environment in their area of responsibility. This will make for an effective safety program in all phases of our operation: education, research, student service, public service and employee and community relations.

The University's safety program is to be proactive and must exemplify a commitment to the prevention of injury, illness and property damage by all members of the University community. All representatives of the University should be genuinely committed to the health and safety program while conducting their daily activities. Only through the teamwork of the entire University community can we succeed in providing an environment free from unnecessary risks and dangers.

Dr. Nick Bruno
The University of Louisiana at Monroe

ULM Safety Manual