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The School of Social Sciences, consisting of the Criminal Justice, Political Science & Sociology, and the Social Work Program, is committed to interdisciplinary research, education, and service. Within these disciplines students pursue a rigorous academic curriculum in the classroom pursuing, as well as engage in formalized research with faculty, service learning opportunities, and internships. Please visit our campus, meet us, and find out how YOU can make a difference. 

Beyond the Classroom

Students have the opportunity to join various organizations including the Pre-Law Association, College Political groups, Honors Society, Professional Associations, Sociology Club, Amnesty International, Chi Beta, Lambda Alpha EpsilonAlpha Phi Sigma and more.

Students are involved in various volunteer efforts on campus and in the community.

Internships may be available, depending on program guidelines, and students may also be able to conduct research and collaborate with area businesses and organizations.

Program Notes

Statistics report that jobs for social workers are expected to grow faster than usual now and through 2014.

Criminal Justice graduates have gone on to work for ATF, Border Patrol, FBI, Local Law Enforcement, State Police, U.S. Customs & more.

The Sociology program has a long tradition and has been granting a B.A. degree for over 40 years.

Political Science graduates have furthered their education through Graduate School and Law School, and have pursued careers in nonprofit organizations, political campaigns & more.

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