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STRATEGIC PLAN 2008 - 2013

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Overarching Goal: Sustaining a Culture of Excellence

Goal 1: Enhance the Culture of Faculty Excellence

Goal 2: Enhance the Culture of Staff Excellence

Goal 3: Enhance the Academic Learning Environment

Goal 4: Enhance Student Growth and Success

Goal 5: Maintain Fiscal Stability

Goal 6: Strengthen Relationships with ULM Constituencies

Goal 7: Deliver an Effective Operating Environment


Steering Committee
Drafting Team
Subcommittee 1
Subcommittee 2
Subcommittee 3
Subcommittee 4
Subcommittee 5
Subcommittee 6


2008 Strategic Plan (full version)
2008 Strategic Plan (short version)
2003 Strategic Plan - Level I
2003 Strategic Plan - Level II
2003 Strategic Plan - Level III
Progress Report (2003 - 2004)

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Seek the TruthRoadmap for the Future: Excellence in Action

Strategic Initiatives 2008 - 2013

A Time For Action

The Strategic Plan that is contained in this document provides a map for the road ahead for The University of Louisiana at Monroe for the next five years. Meeting the goals and objectives contained in the Plan will require the efforts of the entire University.

Every faculty member, staff person, and administrator is a critical link in the accomplishment of the objectives that have been set forth. Their efforts will be guided by action plans to be developed by each unit of the University describing specific activities that will be pursued to implement the Plan.

In the end, the continued success of this endeavor lies in the minds and hearts and hard work of the communities that make up the University of Louisiana at Monroe—turning vision into action.