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STRATEGIC PLAN 2008 - 2013

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Overarching Goal: Sustaining a Culture of Excellence

Goal 1: Enhance the Culture of Faculty Excellence

Goal 2: Enhance the Culture of Staff Excellence

Goal 3: Enhance the Academic Learning Environment

Goal 4: Enhance Student Growth and Success

Goal 5: Maintain Fiscal Stability

Goal 6: Strengthen Relationships with ULM Constituencies

Goal 7: Deliver an Effective Operating Environment


Steering Committee
Drafting Team
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Subcommittee 2
Subcommittee 3
Subcommittee 4
Subcommittee 5
Subcommittee 6


2008 Strategic Plan (full version)
2008 Strategic Plan (short version)
2003 Strategic Plan - Level I
2003 Strategic Plan - Level II
2003 Strategic Plan - Level III
Progress Report (2003 - 2004)

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Seek the TruthRoadmap for the Future: Excellence in Action

Strategic Initiatives 2008 - 2013

Definition of Terms

The following describes the hierarchy of plans and terminology employed at various organizational levels to deliver on the vision and mission of the University. The scope of the University strategic plan explicitedly engages senior administrative tiers down to the objectives level of strategy. Below the strategic level, tactics and action plans are developed by supporting organizational tiers to implement the overall plan.

Overarching University Goal (Scope: University-Level/Foundational)
An open-ended statement of the most fundamental condition or situation desired by the University. Flows naturally from the mission and vision for the entire organization. Provides a foundation for all other strategic (University-wide) goals.

Supporting University Goal
(Scope: University-Level)
An open-ended statement describing a University-wide desired end result. Provides a general direction for organizational results. Builds on the overarching goal and identifies desired future conditions, organization-wide in scope, that demonstrate mission and vision fulfillment.

(Scope: University-Level)
The general method or series of actions that will be employed to achieve the associated University-wide goal.

(Scope: University/Divisional-Level)
A specific, measurable description of a desired end state for the University. Extends the associated University- level goal and provides a more objective means of determining progress toward the goal. Characterizes future desired conditions using descriptors that are specific, measurable, attainable, results-oriented, and time-based where possible.

(Scope: Divisional-Level)
A detailed method or series of specific actions designed to achieve an associated University-level objective. Employed by organizational divisions to implement strategic level plans. Includes division-level detailed objectives and actions for their achievement including policies, programs, budgets, and specific activities with tighter scope and shorter timeframes than the strategic level objectives.

Action Plan
(Scope: To be developed at Departmental/Program-Level)
A very detailed method or series of specific actions designed to achieve an associated division-level tactic. Employed by organizational departments to implement division-level plans. Includes the most detailed objectives and actions for their achievement including policies, programs, budgets, specific activities, and position responsible with tightest scope and shortest timeframes.