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STRATEGIC PLAN 2008 - 2013

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Overarching Goal: Sustaining a Culture of Excellence

Goal 1: Enhance the Culture of Faculty Excellence

Goal 2: Enhance the Culture of Staff Excellence

Goal 3: Enhance the Academic Learning Environment

Goal 4: Enhance Student Growth and Success

Goal 5: Maintain Fiscal Stability

Goal 6: Strengthen Relationships with ULM Constituencies

Goal 7: Deliver an Effective Operating Environment


Steering Committee
Drafting Team
Subcommittee 1
Subcommittee 2
Subcommittee 3
Subcommittee 4
Subcommittee 5
Subcommittee 6


2008 Strategic Plan (full version)
2008 Strategic Plan (short version)
2003 Strategic Plan - Level I
2003 Strategic Plan - Level II
2003 Strategic Plan - Level III
Progress Report (2003 - 2004)

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Seek the TruthRoadmap for the Future: Excellence in Action

Strategic Initiatives 2008 - 2013

Subcommittee 1: Supporting Goals 1, 2 and 3

Dr. Eric PaniEric Pani
Subcommittee Chair

Associate Provost
Academic Affairs and Cabinet Representative
Dr. Hollis BrayHollis Bray

Assistant Professor, College of Business Administration (Construction Management)
Dr. Lisa ColvinLisa Colvin

Professor and Head of Kinesiology
Megan LoweMegan Lowe

Reference Librarian, University Library and Faculty Senate Representative
Dr. Tammy ParkerTammy Parker

Professor, College of Business Administration (Economics and Insurance)
Dr. Dorothy SchweenDorothy Schween
Assoc. Professor, College of Education & Human Development (Curriculum and Instruction), Faculty Senate Representative
Dr. Thilla SivakumaranThilla Sivakumaran

Assistant Professor, College of Education & Human Development (Curriculum and Instruction)
Don SmithDon Smith

Dean, University Library
Dr. Paul SylvesterPaul Sylvester

Professor and Director, College of Pharmacy (Professor of Pharmacy)
Paula ThornhillPaula Thornhill

Facilitator, Continuing Education (Electronic Learning)
Tom WhatleyTom Whatley

Director, Computing Center