Educational Talent Search Staff

Catherine Estis
Dr. Catherine Estis
is the Director of Educational Talent Search (ETS). Dr. Estis earned a Ph.D. in Public Policy Analysis and Administration. She received a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education in 1987 and a Master of Education in 1990. She joined the ETS team in 1992 as a counselor. Prior to joining Educational Talent Search, Dr. Estis was a biology teacher at Bastrop High School. Contact Dr. Estis at 318-342-1098 or

James Cozine
Dr. James Cozine is the former Director of Educational Talent Search, and has been with the department since 1983. He is currently serving as a part-time program coordinator for ETS. A native of Monroe, Dr. Cozine earned his Ph.D. from Texas A & M University. Dr. Cozine is an U.S. Air Force veteran. Contact Dr. Cozine at 318-342-1094 or

Jackie Moncrief
Jackie Moncrief joined the staff in 1987. Jackie earned a Bachelor of Arts in 1983 and a Master of Education in Guidance and Counseling in 1986 from the University. Contact Jackie at 318-342-1096 or

Toni Baggiano
Toni Baggiano joined Educational Talent Search in 2007. Toni earned a Bachelor of Arts in English and Speech Communications/Theatre in Secondary Education from Samford University in 1994. She also received her Master of Arts in Christian Education in 1998 from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. Prior to ETS, Toni was a junior high school teacher and a Minister of Education. Contact Toni at 318-342-1095 or

Vanieca R. JonesVanieca R. Jones is the Outreach Director for Trio-Upward Bound (UB). Vanieca is a UB Alumni and worked with the program in Dallas, Texas for 6 years. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work from Grambling State University and a Master of Business Administration from The University of Phoenix. Contact Vanieca at 318-342-1771 or

Katheryn Gilliland
Katheryn Gilliland is the Office Coordinator, joining the staff in 1990. Prior to joining the Educational Talent Search staff, Katheryn worked in various positions in the insurance industry. Contact Katheryn at 318-342-1097 or