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Master of Arts in Teaching


Admission Requirements

1. Hold a Bachelor's Degree from an accredited post secondary institution with a minimum adjusted 2.5 undergraduate GPA     


2.  Meet the requirements for admission to the ULM Graduate School


3. Obtain ONE of the following:     


4. Take the Praxis II Content Knowledge Exam: required score based on exam taken. Submit scores using school code: 04124. Middle school exams are not accepted.


Ready to Apply?

Steps to Apply to ULM Graduate School


Steps to Apply to the M.A.T Program

1. Complete M.A.T application packet. Packet should include: 

2. Submit the packet (Step 1), all official transcripts and test results addressed to TEACH recruiters by application deadline.

Application Deadlines:

Spring Admission - October 30
Summer Admission - April 15 
Fall Admission - June 30


3. Complete an interview with program staff/faculty OR provide Intent to Hire letter from the employing school district


DOWNLOAD: Application [WORD DOC]


What Happens Next?

1. We will follow up with an email or phone call if you are required to take additional test(s) to qualify for admission.
2. If needed, apply for financial aid. Contact the ULM Financial Aid Officer here. 
3. Eligible participants will qualify for Teach Delta Region stipend awards  
4. Stipends are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Applicants must meet the following requirements before being considered: