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Frequently Asked Questions


Where do I register for the tests required for MAT admission?    
You may register for Praxis I and II, and the GRE at www.ets.org.  For Praxis II, it is recommended that you verify the test code of your specific certification area with a member of the TEACH Project staff.

What is the university school code for the Praxis test? Is there a timeframe set for the validity of my Praxis I score?
The University school code is 6482. The score requirements for Praxis I are: Reading 176, Writing 175, and Math 175 or better. Once students take the Praxis I, their scores are considered as valid.

What are the GRE requirements for the program admission?
A verbal plus quantitative score of 750 is required. For applicants who did not meet the GPA and/or GRE requirements for regular admission, they can still be admitted into the program on a conditional status through the alternative formula. For more information, please contact us at alcert@ulm.edu.

What are the requirements for the revised GRE test? Do I need to take the revised GRE test if my previous GRE score reach the requirement?
Once students take the GRE test, their scores are considered as valid. The minimum requirement for the revised GRE test is the same verbal plus quantitative combined score of 750 after converting the new scores into the previous test scales.

How can I study for the Praxis test?
There are many online resources for students to study for the Praxis test. Please contact Whitney Sutherland (sutherland@ulm.edu or 318-342-1260) to see if ULM has free practice test materials available for the exam you are taking.


Do I need to complete all the requirements before being accepted? Could I complete the required credits for program admission while I am in the program?
Students need to complete all admission requirements before entering the program. This includes passing scores on all required tests, and your 20 hours of observations.


Is the TEACH program competitive?
Yes! Over 100 applicants apply for our program every yea, and most of our applicants overachieve the minimum requirements. In addition, Louisiana Public Broadcasting, National Public Radio, and the New York Times are broadcasting our program.


What school districts can I work in for my internship?
Interns can work in any school district in Louisiana, including Private Schools and Charter Schools. We have interns working in parishes all over the state.


 Would I only be certified to teach in Louisiana after completing the program? Is my certification valid in other states?
After completing the program, students are only certified to teach in Louisiana. However, many states recognize Louisiana Teacher Certificates through reciprocity, meaning that certification in another state, might only require another test, and/or additional paperwork. You would need to contact the certification authority of the state you are interested in getting certified in, to see what their requirements are.


What are the online and on-campus classes that are available in the program?
All classes are available online. However, it is part of the requirements for students to attend a monthly seminar for the Internship course.


Is financial aid available for students participating in the program?
Yes. Students can apply for financial aid by contacting the ULM Financial Aid Office.
TEACH Project stipend awards are also available for qualified participants. Stipends are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Applicants must meet the following requirements before being considered:


When should I start applying for the program? Students should complete application packet and start applying before the application deadlines:


Are there any information meetings or orientations concerning the program?
Students can inquire about interest meeting or schedule a meeting by contacting our program recruiter, Whitney Sutherland at sutherland@ulm.edu. Students can also email at altcert@ulm.edu for more information about the program.


When do accepted students receive a program plan?
Students who have completed the admission requirements will be contacted to set up an interview. They will sign and receive their program plan, and be set up for advising, after they complete the interview process. If they already have a teaching position, their school may send a letter on their behalf (a letter of intent to hire), affirming their job. In that case, the student would be exempt from the interview, and can set up a time with Ms. Sutherland to sign and receive their program plan.