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George T. Walker Hall Updates


photo of Geroge T. Walker HallWalker Hall Parking Update

The George T. Walker Hall construction project officially began November 18, 2013.

It will be necessary to close part of the parking lot directly in front of the building. Roping off of the affected area has already begun with a more permanent gating system to be installed. The university will leave the front portion of the lot open for commuter parking.

Please be mindful when backing out of these spaces as you will have to exit out the same way you entered.

As construction progresses, it may become necessary to block off the lot completely. The ULM Police Department will attempt to inform you in advance if and when this closure will take place.

The university is currently evaluating other parking lots around campus to make sure their usage is maximized. The ULM Police Department will inform you of any changes that will be made to these lots.


You are encouraged to visit the parking website at ulm.edu/police/parking to review parking policies and regulations.