Objective:  Answer all the questions in these reading guides in order to prepare for the quizzes.
Take vocabulary words and Cultural References from these reading guides and turn them into definitions and descriptions in our moodle Glossaries.

Reading Guide for Ancient Egyptian Love Poems

Everybody is responsible for knowing the meaning of all the following vocabulary even if it is not part of our shared readings.

"double entendre" [example?]



Cultural References [graphics needed for these glossary entries]





According to the editors, what other set of love poems does this set resemble?
In much Middle Eastern poetry, lovers address each other in WHAT terms?
What is a primary erotic symbol for these Egyptian poets?

"The Beginning of the Song that Diverts the Heart"

What is the lover trying to catch?
Why do these animals smell good?
How might it be that she has caught this animal?

Think about this: Okay, she catches the animal, but the animal turns out to be _____WHAT____? And how do you know that?

What does it refer to in this poem?

"My god, My Lotus"

What kind of fabric is she wearing and why might that be a significant detail?
What does she use to make a ponytail?
"Red fish" means two different things in this poem: What are they?
What is the male lover willing to risk to see his love?
What does the reptile turn into?

Think about this: How happy is he and how is that sexual in nature?

"I wish I were her Nubian maid"

What three things does he wish to be?

Think about this: Why is each of the three things he wishes to be very intimate in nature, very personal?

What effect would touching her clothes have on him?

"I passed close by his house"

Who was standing at the door?
What would mother do if she only knew?
What would she do if mother knew?
Who is her goddess?

"Seven whole day"

What happens to him when he doesn't see her for a while?
What book do they consult when they get sick?
Does this poem end on an up-note or down-note?

"Am I not here with you?

What's her problem?
What does she primarily think the problem might be?
What other possible problems occur to her?
What is better than a thousand days in New York?

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