Presentations Portal: Conference & Workshop Presentations

This collection comes from presentations, panels, or workshops I've conducted at conferences. In general this is more useful for librarians, but who knows? Maybe you'll find something useful, too! Presentations not linked here are available upon request.

Conference Presentations
  • The Importance of Teaching About Plagiarism
    • LLA Conference  2006
    • Poster presentation
  • Regrettable Research: Designing Research Assignments to Avoid Common Student Pitfalls
    • LLA Conference 2007
  • Let's Get It Started (& Stopped): Start/Stop at ULM
    • LLA Conference 2008
  • Let's Get it Started (& Stopped): Start/Stop at ULM
  • The Virtual Reality: Digital Reference in Louisiana Academic Libraries
    • LLA Conference 2009
    • Bibliography available here.
  • A Little Help from My Friends: ACRL-LA's Peer Support Network
    • LUC 2009

  • Open Access: Where Copyleft Is the New Copyright 
    • LUC 2010
    • Panel discussion with Tony Fonseca, Melissa Goldsmith, and Jeremy Landry

Workshop Presentations
  • Milking the Library (for University Week 2007)
    • Subtitle: Or, How to Make the Most of the University Library
    • Co-presented with Karen Cook

  • ULM Web Resources for Students (for University Week 2009)
    • Aimed at distance ed and online courses
  • Creating Effective Research Assignments (for University Week Fall 2011)
    • Aimed at teaching faculty, to improve the research assignment process
    • Checklists available here

  • Not Getting Caught in the Web: Credible Sources on the Web (for University Week Fall 2011)
    • Aimed at teaching faculty, to highlight credible research resources on the Internet
    • Survey used here

  • Spoonful of Sugar: Encouraging Non-Academic Reading (for University Week Fall 2011)
    • Aimed at teaching faculty, to inform and encourage participation
    • Co-presented with Dr. Amy Johnson (ULM English Department)

  • The ULM Library Deselection Project (for University Week Spring 2015)
    • Aimed at faculty/instructors who are curious or have questions about the Library's deselection project
  • Library Services PechaKucha (for University Week Fall 2015)
    • Aimed at faculty/instructors in order to promote awareness of Library services and resources
    • Co-presented with Assistant Dean of the Library Cyndy Robertson
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